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lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

This week was so great! This week was the best/my favorite week of the mission! I am so happy right now! We worked super hard and I just love it! Lots of success and lots of new investigators! Also, Alicia got baptized saturday and confirmed sunday! ç

Monday, we went to the glaciar which was awesome of course! I will send lots of pictures of that next week when we have better internet. This week we are in a place that´s really slow and expensive because the place we usually go to didn´t have 2 open computers together. It was good to get out and hike around a bit! Also, we took a chairlift up! That was very exciting.

This week was pretty normal we found lots of new investigators which is good. Alicia´s baptism was a miracle. There was a lot of opposition, but with lots of prayers and fasting all ended up well. We basically had to teach everything over again and help her understand better. There were problems with the baptismal font as well, which always seems to happen!

Also, this week I got some mail! Thanks for the letters, ym/yw from the ward, Kasey, Fuhrimans, and Katie. This coming week President is coming!

The only bummer about this week, yesterday my companion and I were throwing up a ton. I first threw up in the street twice and then we taught a couple lessons and then I threw up 3 more times (luckily we were outside again) and my companion also wasn´t feeling well so we went home early and both were throwing up til late last night. However, today we are feeling much better, don´t worry!

Well, I need to go, but will write more next week! I hope all are doing well!

COURTNEY! Thanks a ton for the email. It is good to hear from ya. I will write you soon. Say hi to Rach for me. No I haven´t heard from Brittney once in the mission! You should give her a hard time about that for me.

Hermana Jones

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