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lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

This week was great. We had more success as far as numbers than I´ve had up to this point in my mission as far as lessons, references, new investigators and everything. That was encouraging, since I´m the one that knows the area, members, etc. We are working really hard, and having fun at the same time! I´m learning a lot from Hna. Rivera. She is a great companion! I have been blessed with awesome companions! She has more of a chilean accent, so that might rub off on me a little haha.

This week we found lots of great new investigators. Hilda and her family finally made it to church! That was exciting! Now they just have to get married! They already want to get baptized, so I have no doubts that it´ll happen, but the question now is when. They have 2 daughters over the age of 8 too! The girls loved primary and made friends with the girls in the branch.

This week, as you´ll notice in the pictures I got a little bit too close to a dog. There are dogs everywhere but normally they just jump all over you with their muddy paws and get you all dirty. Not this time. We were up in barrio Escondido and trying to contact a reference that a family gave us. They had a dog chained up that was just sitting there doing nothing. I went to the door and knocked but no body was home. I was leaving and walked down the stair and as I passed the dog that was sitting there he pounced. He got my foot in his mouth and let´s just say my fear of dogs came back now haha! It´s all good now, and the dog is still alive so it doesn´t have rabies, that´s the good news! My foot is a little sore, but it´s getting better and I can walk just fine, so no worries there! And hey, it makes for a good story I guess...

Today we are going to go to the glacier! I am soooo excited right now you have no idea! I will take lots of pictures for next week, no worries! Silvia is going to take us up there and Antonia a less acitve girl in the ward is going to come with us, she is 21. My companion is a hard worker, which I LOVE and we get along well.

MARTHA KNIGHT - write me! I don´t have your address. I want to write you. You can email your address if you want. PS: I miss you!

HNA PAYNE! Thanks for having your dad forward me your emails! Don´t die in the humid-heat-jungle up there! There´s a girl in my branch that served in Resistencia and a family that just moved to our branch from Chaco. Flia. Franco. I don´t know if you know them, but hey they said they have hna´s in their ward up there so I thought I´d mention it just in case!

Basically, life is great right now! Loving Ushuaia! The weather is perfect as well! Some days are a little chilly or wet, but I can´t complain, at least I´m not in the north where it´s 100 + degrees and super humid!
I never really realized before now, but D&C talks a lot about missionary work. It has lots of good advice. Now that I´m reading it, I´m realizing. :)

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