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lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

This week was good. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
I got the package from Hermana Payne! Thanks a ton! It was perfect. I also talked to a family in my branch that moved here a few months ago and they were in the ward of Hna. Payne in Resistencia and their Mom is in your ward still. They are the Flia. Franco.

This week flew by super quick. I don´t know how it passed so fast, but it did! Yesterday we didn´t have many investigators in church, and all week we worked with families and they were going to go. We were going to have like 5 families there and none of them went. I was bummed, but then I realized that we just have to keep working and doing what we´re here to do. The Lord will do the rest. Satan wants us to feel beat and discouraged, so why give him the satisfaction?... Anyways, all in all good week.

I read some awesome awesome talks this week that I found in the Liahona and that my companion had. Also I read lots in Mosiah. I love King Benjamin´s address. There is so much to be learned from it. The talks I recommend are called, ¨El Hoy¨, which in english would be ¨Today¨. Also, I read almost the whole Liahona from Nov. 2008. The Come what May and Love it talk from Elder Wirthlin, and there are some other great ones about the Sacrament and there´s a good one about how everyone can understand the gospel. Even little children can understand and apply it in their lives. I learned a lot from that talk. We are teaching a ton of Bolivian families right now that live up in the mountain. The way we teach them is very different, much more simple. They are a very great, humble people. Very teachable. We also found a Bible in Quechua finally! We borrowed it from one of our investigators and made copies of a bunch of key chapters like James 1, Ezekiel, and Amos. So now we can use that to teach. Most of them speak a little spanish, but can´t read in spanish, so my companion reads to them verses in Quechua. She can pronounce things correctly, which is a plus haha. So we are learning Quechua. ¨Haku capillama!¨ = vamos a la capilla = let´s go to church!

We had lots of good experiences, especially yesterday up there with them. There is a sister in the branch, Hermana Rojas that is Boliviana and lives up there. She has been accompanying us a lot. We contacted a reference, and the lady was not showing much interest. Then Hna. Rojas spoke up, in Quechua and talked to her for about 10 min straight. We just stood there and smiled. I didn´t understand much, but I did understand, tithing, tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs, fast offerings, and a bunch of stuff like that. Not normally things you want to go mentioning in the first contact with someone... like ok, here´s all we can´t do. I don´t know what she said, but at the end the lady agreed to go to church and accepted a return appointment. Haha that was awesome.

Zone conference we tuesday and of course was great! He really stressed the importance of working with members. It is key. When ever we have the help of members we see much more sucess. They are real people with real experiences and with time to make to help the investigators feel welcome and have friends in the gospel. Time is always a sacrifice, but to spend it doing missionary work is worth it.

Well, in conclusion I´d like to share a scripture my companion shared with me this week in companion study. I love companion study with Hna. Rivera! It is 2 Corinthians 1:2-5 or 6.

I love you all!
Hermana Jones

PS: ¡la foto es zona Tierra del Fuego!
la otra es la semana pasada - p-day

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