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lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

Hola familia
No, they dont really do anything for halloween here in Argentina. I think thats a pretty American holiday. :)
This week we had killer attendance at church, we are up to 60 now! We had some miracles and lots of inactives go. Lorenzo Montaldo went and I was so excited! We have been working with that family for a long long time.

This week we did divisions with the other sisters area in our zone, Campana. I stayed here in Zarate and was with Hermana Alfaro (Chile) and Hermana Hill went to Campana and was with Hermana Salas (Chile). It was a good experience. I learned a lot. We were together thursday night til saturday afternoon. There were some complications because Hermana Salas had to go have an interview at Presidents house, but all turned out in the end. There was a baptism as well and since Hermana Salas and Hill had to go clear to presidents house, we had to do everything to get the baptism ready, then the other hermanas got back right as the baptism started. Lautaros Grandpa was going to baptize him, but there were problems with the water heater and so the water was cold. Elder Solum ended up having to baptize him (district leaders comp) without a change of clothes. Luckily we had a pair of white pants that fit him. Lautaro was supposed to have his interview at the church but he didnt make it, so we had to go to his house which is clear across town with the Elders on two bikes. That was a funny sight. Hermana Alfaro has pictures, so Ill have to send those once I can get ahold of them.

We are trying to work with less active families and converts to find new investigators. I think thats a good way to help the ward grow and keep testimonies growing. We have a lot to do this week, and I like staying busy. It makes everything great. I am so happy when we have days where we go out and teach lessons back to back all day, working hard, and finding new investigators. So far so good, we are keeping up the work and picking up steam even! My companion is awesome. I really appreciate her.

Last week we had mission conference. It was super good. We focused on the 5 things we do. Pray, Plan, Find, Teach, and Study. It was great to see the connection even more between them and see the things I can strive to do better.
We are teaching two girls that are super excited to get baptized on November 20th. Maria and Mariana. They are 13 years old and have both read and prayed and know the Book of Mormon is true. She even asked to borrow my pen so she could right down her baptismal date and what she is going to read in the Book of Mormon so she doesnt forget (without my asking her to!).
This week we have interviews on friday with President. I think they will be at our houses/apartments so president can do checks of the apts. I love interviews.
I had to buy some bug repellent, the mosquitos have gotten quite bad. Also, my allergies have gotten quite bad. Lots of sneezing and itching. I may see if I can find some allergy medicine.

Today I was reading a talk that I really liked about how we always need to strive to be progressing and always be willing to do what the Lord requires of us. Unconditionally. We need to always put his will before our own, no matter what the circumstances are. We are always changing and are never at a stand still. We need to be the type of people that act and dont get acted upon. We shouldnt make excuses we should form plans.
Also, thanks for the mail to everyone!
This morning I also found an awesome scripture 1 Nefi 13: 37. We are going to share it with a less active sister thats going back to church. The goal is that she will help us find and teach investigators.
Thanks KASEY and FERGUSONS for the packages! The Reeses are already gone. Thanks Becky, Mom, and Hermana Payne for the letters!

The pictures are:
last p-day picking misperos
the baptism of Lautaro

Hermana Jones

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lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

So my companion became an aunt this week! Shes pretty excited. Ive been calling her Tia Hill all week. Hna. Hill is so funny. We laugh a lot. We have a similar sense of humor I think.
This week we went crazy and found like a million new families, more new investigators than ever before, the only thing is they didnt go to church. It was hard because they have elections for president on sunday. But, yesterday we found this awesome family of 7 that have 5 that can get baptized very soon. One day, we were cruising down the bike path on our bikes and I stopped and talked to this lady. She gave us her address and we went yesterday. Turns out theyve been to church twice and it all just seems too good to be true. They are Bolivians and super humble. Today we have another appointment and the husband is going to be there. If all goes well and as planned they will be getting baptized the 6th. We are super pumped about that family. we are just a little nervous about the Dad. Hopefully we can resolve any doubts he may have. We found a ton of other families too, so hopefully we can get some serious church attendance this next week!

Last monday we went to a members house and picked some misperos, which is a fruit that I dont think exists in the US. Theyre super good. Im trying to send pictures, but this computer isnt letting me :(. Theres always next week!

Id like to give a shoutout to GRANDMA RICE and REBEKAH (and anyone else whose birthday is today). FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!

I hope everyone has a great week and that we get some people baptizing soon! We have mission conference this week with half the mission at a time. That should be good and Ill get mail!

Hermana Jones

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lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

*Received Haley's release info this week. She will arrive home Tuesday, November 29th at 3:12 PM. She will be speaking in our ward in Sacrament meeting on December 11th at 11 am. Everyone is invited. We will have a dinner at our house after our meeting block that day around 2:30 if you would like to come visit with her more.

Hola familia!
Well, all is well here. This week we had transfers. We are both staying. Hna. Hill will officially be my last companion and Zarate will be my last area. I am excited because we are going to have a great transfer. We have some high goals set and are ready to work hard. We have a family that wants to get baptized but are waiting on papers to get married.
This week Hna. Hill gave a talk in church, which was really good. She spoke about mothers, her mother in particular. Also, I taught relief society. The lesson was on the millenium. It was a good lesson. I learned a bit that I was unaware of, also I´m starting to learn how to teach a little better.
We found quite a few new investigators this week, so the goal this week is to get them progressing and get more investigators to church. The ward is definitely progressing. We went to ward counsel on sunday, and they are starting to do things little by little.
This week we started to memorize a scripture everyweek. We memorized Alma 37:35-37. I challenge all of you to memorize a scripture a week. It´s a good way to have good things on your mind!

Hermana Jones

2-sword fight at Flia. Montaldo´s house
3-Zarate - Aguante Argentina!
4-My wonderful companion and I

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Hola familia!

Well this was a good week. The Flia. Baldis got confirmed yesterday in church. They all seemed to be super happy. Oriana even got up and gave her testimony. She told some great stories and the ward is sure supporting them a lot.
We are working with lots of families right now, some of which are part member families it´s just hard because no one here gets married, so they´ve got to fix their lives first. Hopefully we´ll find some new golden investigators this week. We started a new ¨adopt an investigator¨ program in the ward that we invented. We´re trying to get members more excited about working and bringing people to church. I´m excited to see how it turns out!
This week, there was a crazy storm that lasted like 3 days long. Some streets were completely flooded. Lots of rain and mud! Also frogs and bugs!
Today, we played some soccer at the church with the Elders. The young men from our ward were also there so we played with them too. Today is like Colombus day for them here so everything is closed and there is no school. Oh, and by the way Sunday is Mother´s day. Happy Mother´s day Mom!!!
Last week we went and taught english and this english institute. That was fun. My companion actually does talk a lot in english haha!Also, last p-day we went fishing. That was fun, but we didn´t catch a thing haha. We were there almost 3 hours with lunch and all. Today, we are thinking about having a bonfire (or bonfuego as my comp says) in the back yard. We have a bunch of braches back there and we might roast some hot dogs, who knows.

Thanks for all the emails!
Monica MORA!!! Gracias por su email. Todavia tengo el llavero del LdM y a todos les encanta! Gracias por mandarme tanto ánimo! La quiero mucho.

Have an awesome week everyone!!! This week I complete 17 months!!!
Hermana Jones

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

What a great week. The work in Zárate progresses!
Well, on tuesday we moved. That was pretty great. Our new house is nice, and NEW. We have a nice patio out back and everything. I have lots of pictures to send today! We have only had to kill one giant cockroach in the new house since we´ve been there!

Flia Baldis got baptized!!! It was so great. They got baptized with 2 other people from other wards in the stake in between conference session on sunday. We did all the stake baptisms together since there was conference. An Hno named Daniel baptized Pablo and the bishop baptized Oriana. It was so awesome. I cant wait til they get sealed in the temple now! We need to keep finding and baptizing families! We did find a good part member family this week. The nonmembers didn´t go to conference, but we´re going to work hard with them.

Conference was so awesome! I loved all the talks. Saturday, my favorite was by Elder Christofferson. Sunday, my favorite was by Pres. Monson. Sunday afternoon session (the later one, since both here are in the afternoon) the power went out so I missed like a talk and a half or so. All I know is when it turned back on he was talking directly to missionaries. When the power went out, we said a prayer. Then we called another zone to here it on speaker phone. That didn´t work so well, but luckily the power came back on after that. It was supposedly going to be out for a few hours, but was only out like 20 min! I feel like every one of the talks are to prepare for the second coming. It is so important not to procrastinate!

This morning I was reading in Romans 1-5. I highly recommend it, it´s some good reading. Romans is like my new favorite book in the Bible. Just how it talks about the Atonement and mercy and justice.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well! Good to hear from so many! I´ll send more pictures.

Hermana Jones

Photos - the baptism fotos will be in another email.
1- the new house - moving in - you´ll notice my comp and I are (Utah State and BYU fans, respectively)
2- the back patio of the new house
3- capital last p-day - the obelisco and you´ll notice Eva Perón (evita) on the side of the building
4- watching conference, in english, with the elders