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lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

This week was great. We are seeing lots of progress here and lots of investigators are going to church, which is always good. This week we went to the funeral of the wife of the president of the district. They were in a bad accident and she passed away. She left 4 kids. It was heart wrenching to see the family, but it was a testimony to me of the plan of salvacion and to see how that reacted to everything. At the funeral I met a girl that just came from Resistencia and was in Hermana Payne´s ward! That was exciting. She said she brought a package for me from Hermana Payne, but she gave it to the Elders because she saw them first and they will give it to me tomorrow in the zone conference. Thank you HERMANA PAYNE!! I hope you´re surviving the heat, she said that the heat is whats killing you! Hey, let me know if I can send you anything. It´s plenty cold here... :)

Alicia, our convert is doing so great. Just seeing her life change has strengthened my testimony so much. She is so willing to do whatever it takes to live the gospel. She doesn´t have a lot of money right now, because she isn´t working much because she had a baby in September, but she wants to pay her tithing before anything else. She has so many hard things going on in her life with her kids and lots of complication, but she endures to the end and does what she has to do. She calls me ¨la JONAAAAAS¨ and my companion ¨la Rivero¨. It´s pretty funny, I´ll have to take a video of that. She told the Pres of the branch that ¨la JONAS¨ is her favorite and she always is so happy to see us. I love it. It´s nice to have that instead of doors slamming sometimes :). She is good friends with some other converts in the ward too, so that will be good for her.

This week we went to a branch activity because we were in charge of the game. We did a game where the members divided into families and had to draw 2 cards that said an action and do the action in front of everyone. For example crawl on the floor and sing a song of children. Things like that. Or imitate a monkey. We had the whole branch laughing, and we took lots of pictures haha. It was to teach the principle of obedience.

Yesterday, we went to the hospital because the mission office called and said that there was a lady there that got sick on a cruise and speaks only english. We went and she is in intensive care and talked to her sons, they didn´t let us go see her. Turns out she lives in Newcastle, WA! Her name is Sally Hooper. She isn´t doing well. Her sons said she is going to pass away in the next couple of days. One of the sons lives in Maple Valley and works with Bishop Collins from Tiger Mt. ward. I think he emailed the mission offices or something and that is why we went. I also talked to a lady from the same cruise that was there for her husband who got sick and is dying due to complication of a surgery he had in sept. They are from Nimibia, a country in south Africa. They speak english there also. My companion´s english is pretty good. I was suprised hearing her speak at how good it is! We don´t every speak english together, but we talked to Pdte. Gulbrandsen today and he said that he wants us to talk english in the apartment with latin companions now.

Today we went via catamaran with Pres and Sis Gulbrandsen to see penguins and sea lions and we even went to Chile! It was so cool!!! We saw the light house, and I took a billion pictures. It was so fun. We went the whole district with them.

I hope everyone is doing great! The reading I recommend for today is Mosiah 25. I love how the king was converted and everyone else followed his example and got baptized. If we can teach the head of the household, the family will follow the example and we can help families!
Tomorrow is zone conference I am so excited!
Many fotos to come!

Hermana Jones

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