Hermana Jones

Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Hola!This week was much better than the first two weeks. We had a lot more lessons and our numbers were much better. Also, we have investigators that are progressing towards baptism. We have one with a date for the 13th but she has to quit smoking first, so we are working hard with her. Also the other day we found a girl thats 21 that was a reference from a member and she is great. She will be baptized too once she goes to church for 3 weeks. Also, right now we are working with lots of part member families and lots of less active families. Also, we are trying to get lots of references from members and find new investigators that way, it seems that we have more success with references. The members here are great. I feel like I already know the members and the area here better than Vicente López when I left it. I already know the streets and I have met and know most of the members that are active. I get to speak in church next sunday! woohoo. haha. I never had to speak or anything at all in Vicente López. It is VERY different here. I love it. It is much less dangerous here than in Buenos Aires from what I´ve seen and heard too. I can carry my triple (scriptures) with me here and not worry about it getting stolen which is nice. before I just carried a blue Book of Mormon.This week we had a crazy wind storm and there were some houses destroyed. There were winds of over 100km/h. Pretty crazy. I feel like it is getting slightly warmer here. Summer is coming! It´s still cold, but I am definitely getting used to it. I prefer this over super hot and humid summer in Buenos Aires!That is a bummer about the packages. I guess in the future if people want to send me packages they have to send them to Sister Gulbrandsen. Sorry for the trouble it´s caused any that have sent packages in the last little while. I will probably receive mail in 2ish weeks and then I will let everyone know what I received. Thanks for the support!My companion is doing well. She finished next transfer right after Christmas. Her family wants her to be home for Christmas really bad, and every week email her asking her to do something about it. I feel bad, because she can´t and she wants to stay here anyway. This transfer ends the 16th of November and the next transfer ends the 29th of December. I don´t think I´m going anywhere anytime soon though... :) Moroni 10 :32 - come unto Christ! Also, always be an example of the believers. The members have a huge influence on the investigators.Love,Hermana Jones

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

To the families of our missionaries:

The Argentine postal service will no longer let us, as office workers, sign for and claim packages that are sent to your missionary. The person to whom the package is addressed has to show his or her passport and sign for the package in order for it to be claimed.

In order for your missionary to receive a package from home, it will have to be addressed to Sister Gulbrandsen. She can claim the package with her passport and signature. This will require that the missionary’s name appear in the return address area so we will know who is to receive the package.

We have several packages waiting to be picked up, and if the missionary to whom it is addressed cannot arrange his time to come claim the package himself it will be returned to the sender. Packages that have been sent to missionaries serving in Rio Gallegos, Rio Grande, and Tierra del Fuego will unfortunately be returned as they cannot fly here to retrieve their packages.

We are so sorry for this inconvenience to you and to your missionary. We have made efforts to resolve this issue with the postal service, but they will not alter the rule for us. So, beginning immediately, we ask that you address your packages as follows, noting that the name of the missionary needs to be listed in the return address.

John Doe (Elder James Brown)
Street address
City, and State

Sister Karen Gulbrandsen
Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission
Gral. Lavalle 1828
1646 San Fernando
Buenos Aires

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and we are sorry for those packages that will be returned to sender. Please inform all family and friends of this new development.

Thank You,

Sister Kroff
Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Hola!This week was great! My spanish is suddenly improve a TON. I LOVE this area. I can tell you all right now, I´m pretty sure it´ll be my favorite area. It is a good size, beautiful, and the members are awesome! Yesterday was mothers day here! Happy Mothers day! We ate lunch with a family in the ward and it was really fun. Thank goodness it´s not winter, because it´s cold and I´d be wearing a parka everyday. As is, my companion wear two skirts! One made of fleece! Also, it is much less humid here than up in Buenos Aires. This week it snowed a little bit, but not too much. It is really really windy at times! Walking to this internet place I thought I was going to blow away. There was dirt and small rocks in the air flying at me! The dogs here in Ushuaia are a little more scary. They ´bite´ too. Luckily it didn´t pierce through the skin with all my layers, but I got bit once this week and my companion too! I´m definitely over any fear of dogs I ever had when I was little. There is nothing but hills here! My legs are going to be in good shape! Luckily I haven´t gotten to tired or worn out. Hey, our apartment is much smaller here, like the size of my room at home, but we have a CD player! I love being able to listen to music. We still don´t have any upcoming baptisms, (that we know of :) ) at the moment, but we are working hard to get some dates set. Hopefully this week will be successful. The scripture for the week: Helamán 10:4-5. These verses are very inspiring. Makes me want to have the confidence of the Lord strong enough that He would give or do anything I ask because He knows I would never ask anything contrary to His will.Pres. Gulbrandsen challenged us to read the Book of Mormon before Christmas as a Christmas gift to the Lord, a couple weeks ago. Right now, I´m in 3 Nephi. I love the Book of Mormon!!!! I´m trying to figure out how to get pictures on here but it´s not working... I´ll try again later. I hope all is well with everyone! Thanks for the emails!Love,Hermana Jones

miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

Hola!All is well here en el fin del mundo! I will send lots of pictures! I LOVE it here! It is cold, very muddy, windy, and the weather changes like crazy within minutes, but it is incredible! There are 3 branches here in Ushuaia that make up a district and there are 4 companionships including us down here. All the rest are Elders. Our zone is the companionships here in Ushuaia and there are 3 I think companionships in Rio Grande which is further north on the Island, all Elders. Hermana Mora and I are the ONLY hermanas on the Tierra del Fuego. The other zone in the south is Rio Gallegos which is in the province Santa Cruz, if you look at a map. It´s the province above Tierra del Fuego I believe. There is one companionship of Hermanas up there in Rio Gallegos. Usually Hermanas that are called to Ushuaia and or Rio Gallegos spend the majority of their missions there. My compaion Hermana Mora goes home in December, 2 transfers. It is likely I´ll be here for at least 2 transfers after that so I will be here awhile. Probably at least 4 transfers, 2 with her and at least 2 with someone else, maybe more. So at least til around April most likely. It is cold! I am very glad I am here for the ¨summer¨ and not the winter! After being here it´s likely I´ll serve in Rio Gallegos, but who knows. The Lord. Hermana Tejada my companion before spent her whole mission in the south except for when she was in the north in Vicente López.Anyways, Hermana Mora is great. She doesn´t speak english, but so far we´ve been able to communicate :). She is from Durango, Mexico. This week was a little tough, we didn´t have lots of lessons, and I am learning the people and the area, but it is coming along well. The area is small (compared to Vicente López). Part of our area we have to hike up in the mud to these houses that people make out of plastic and wood they find. It´s crazy! I´ll have to figure out a way to take a picture sometime. Lots of the people here are Bolivianos. There are tons of souvenir shops and stuff in the centro of the city. The members are super great. They feed us lunch practically everyday and accompany us in lessons as well. There are lots of recent converts here, so I think we will be baptizing a lot more here. I am super pumped!This weekend we had a conference with Elder Arnold of the seventy! It was bomb! It was just our zone so like 16 of us with President Gulbrandsen, President Arnold (Pdte. of South America South area) and their wives. Elder Arnold spoke in general conference sunday afternoon session! We also had district conference (like stake conference except we don´t have a stake here). It was great! They taught us a lot of things to apply to the area and we did lots of practices. Hope all is well with all of you!As far as packages for Christmas, which a lot have asked... I am not sure how long it takes, but we will get packages sometime in december before Christmas. I would say send them in November sometime and you should be good! Mom and Kasey thanks for the packages you already sent. I don´t think I will receive mail for awhile because they had zone conference the week before I came and received mail, so probably end of the transfer.Today I studied the priesthood. I love sections 84 and 107 in D&C. The organization of the church is perfect and the priesthood is key! We are going to teach a recent convert tonight about the priesthood.The pictures are the baptism of Miguel in Vicente López and Ushuaia!Love,Hermana Jones

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Hola!!! Get out your maps/globes, drum roll!!!!! I am in USHUAIA! The furthest south you can go! The end of the world! I am on the southern coast of the Tierra del Fuego. There are tons of mountains and it is beautiful here! There are only 2 areas with Hermana in the south. Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) and Rio Gallegos (Santa Cruz). I will definitely have to send pictures next week. It is amazing. Also, turns out I won´t be having summer after all, as it is cold here year round! Woohoo! Winter in Utah, winter in Buenos Aires, now Ushuaia! This is the same area that Hermana Tejada came from, and she LOVED it. She was always telling me how great it is here. How the members are awesome, the area is a TON smaller which will be nice. There are hills and mountains everywhere and snow!!! I will probably have to buy some boots. I got a call last night just after 10pm saying I would be picked up this morning at 7:30 am to catch a 10 am flight! Here I am. The flight was just over 3 hours long. Anyways, more to come next week about the area and all! As far as mail and everything, it´s all the same. Then forward our mail here from the offices, so no worries. Hermana Tejada is staying in Vicente López for her last transfer and she is training again! She was a great companion, I learned a TON from her. Whoever she is training is very lucky! She dropped me off at the airport this morning.My companion´s name is Hermana Mora. She is from Mexico and doesn´t speak any English! Woooh. Goodbye English. I will have to rely on my dictionary if I don´t know words now more. She seems really nice.This week was incredible! Last sunday, we had lunch with a family in our ward, and who was a non-member relative that lives with them. We talked with him a bit and committed him to be baptized the 10th of October. We set another appointment for saturday because he works every day of the week, and then he told us he had to go out of town the weekend of the 10th. So, I asked him if he would be baptized the next day, the 3rd, because it was the only day that worked before his trip. At first he was like what!? That´s way too soon. We continued to testify and then we said ok, you are going to say a prayer right now and ask. We knelt, and it was the most spiritual experience I have had yet on my mission. He started praying and he simply asked specifically if he should be baptized the next day. Then there was silence for a good 2-3 minutes (not exaggerating). Then he said ïn the name of Jesus Christ amen¨. The Spirit was so strong, and he truly had faith and real intent. The Hermana his cousin, was in tears and we sat down and he said, tomorrow I will be baptized. It was amazing. He got baptized the next day in between conference sessions! I will send pics next week, I forgot my cord. Conference was awesome! Saturday we watched in English because we didn´t have investigators there, but Sunday in Spanish because we had investigators there. I loved the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf.Well, gotta go! Have a great week all and I´ll fill in more details next week!Love,Hermana Jones
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