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lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Well, this week wasn´t too out of the ordinary... still working, teaching, etc. :) Marcelo is still fighting his addiction and Nicolas still doesn´t want to be Mormon... but Maria del Carmen is progressing nicely, quit working sundays and made it to church yesterday! She gets baptized April 23rd. We are also teaching a kid named Diego. He is like 10 and his grandma is a member. He is now living with his grandma. He has all the lessons, church attendance, everything except the permission from his mom, so we are working on that. Hopefully we can get it and he will get baptized. This week we found a guy named David that accepted a baptismal date as well, but then he didn´t go to church on sunday. We are going to work more with him and hopefully he gets to conference saturday and sunday!

Speaking of conference I am excited! This time it will be all in spanish because my companion doesn´t speak english. A challenge for all of you: watch conference, every session, LIVE!

Funny story
So this week we were going to visit the Hurtado family. They´re less active. We were getting close to their house, rounded the corner, and the wife and son (11) were helping the dad climb a tree in the street in capital. That was a funny sight. We went and asked what they were doing. We looked up and there were 2 hens high up in the tree! Apparently their hens jumped off the roof of their house (2 stories) and were perched in the tree. The dad was lowering the hens and passing them to the son. As he was passing the second one it pooped all over the son´s face and in his mouth. How gross is that. He laughed. This family is from Peru in the jungle. Things like that don´t even phase them. I never carry my camera with me, only on p-day but it just so happened to be p-day when we passed by! There are lots of families from Peru here. The other photo is the Llerena family from Trujillo, Peru. They are awesome!

There is definitely no shortage of learning going on here... Yesterday was nuts. We teach a convert that has literally lost every family member she has. Her parents and all of her brothers and sisters. They were all tragic deaths, and all were young. Her last brother died recently (Nov.) in an accident and she saw him ripped apart and dying. Needless to say, she has a lot of emotional instability and needs lots of attention and lots of visits. Every day we talk to people who have experienced things or are going through different phases in their lives. It is incredible how different people live their lives. But it is cool that the Atonement makes everyone´s life better in whatever circumstances they may be in.

Well, I enjoy reading Hna Payne´s and Hna Pincock´s letters!
Kasey, don´t kill yourself with the front flips. ;)
Enjoy spring break! Enjoy Park City!

I love you all!
Hermana Jones

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

I would just like to point out, and thanks Aubrey for writing me and reminding me, Jimmer and Jackson (BYU Bball) were in my freshman ward.
Now that that´s out of the way, things here are good. Marcelo had a problem this week with the word of wisdom. All was going so well and the day of his interview... anyways, needless to say, we are working with him.

Last night we went to the mission farewell for the missionaries that are going home today. It was great. Those are every transfer the last sunday of the transfer in San Fernando. Missionaries can go if they bring investigators. We brought 2 converts that got baptized in January and an investigator named Sara. We got there a little late, but it was great. I got to see tons of missionaries I haven´t seen in a long time and some that were in my first districts and my district in Ushuaia as well. I also got to see Hermana Campos again. She´s the hermana that was companions with all my companions before me and had the same trainer. She is awesome. I want to be her companion, but that won´t ever happen. She walked in, and right behind her came my second convert Miguel Angel!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! She is in Vicente López right now and brought him. She tried to bring Abraham also (my first convert) but he couldn´t make it. I got to talk to him a bunch after and he is doing so great! He and Abraham are both strong in the church and both already received the Melquisedec Priesthood! I was so excited. Miguel brought me a letter and Hna. Campos a letter from Abraham. Happy day all is well.

Anyways, then last night we had transfers. We are still here and all is the same. I was thinking about the hermanas in the mission and I think the next that go home are Hna. Lyons, Rivera and Peña in June (2 transfers from now) and so I don´t think I will be training til June. Normally when sisters leave, more new ones come. So I can breath a little now. haha. After them, Hna. Campos is next to go and she will be the only Hermana with more time in the mission than me I believe. November is going to come too quick. I can tell that already. Our district is all the same except Elder Mcneal is coming and is taking the place of Elder Nelson (who´s going home right now). And Elder Johnson who is awesome is now district leader. (he was already in the district)

Well, this week we worked a lot in a villa called Barrio Mitre. It´s the poor area of our area. We taught lots of lessons and found lots of new investigators. Now to get them progressing! One of them went to church sunday which was good and we have a ward missionary that lives there and he accompanies us from time to time.

Glad to hear Rachelle is doing well. Thanks a ton for the email Courtney!!!!
Brittney - thanks for the letter, I´m sure I´ll get it in about 2 weeks.
Heidi pincock - thanks I got your email from your Mom or sister!
Aubrey - great to hear from you!!! Glad to hear things are going so well. I´ll write you today and get that in the mail. My address is:
Gral. Lavalle 1828
1646 San Fernando
Buenos Aires

I´ll attach a few pictures! Also for p-day last week we went to Juncal and went shopping with the Elders. It was lots of fun. We saw the Obelisco (see the pics) and I got to see another part of the capital that is awesome! Every week I´m loving capital more and more. It´s growing on me. I hope all are doing well!

Hermana Jones

Miguel, Hna. Campos, and I - last night at the farewell.
el Obelisco - national monument type thing...

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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Well this week was definitely out of the ordinary. I am so glad to hear that Rachelle is ok over in Sendai. If anyone hears anything more please let me know! I was definitely thinking and praying for her lots in the last few days.

Unfortunately, Nicolas still isn´t baptized, but we are working on it. He is listening more to his friends and the boyfriend of his mom that are telling him not to change religion. He informed us friday that ¨he doesn´t want to be Mormon¨. kind of a bummer, but he will get baptized. When, I don´t know.

Well, this week we had the leadership training. That went well. I loved it and feel like I learned a lot and came back with lots I can do better which is always good. After the first day, I couldn´t stop thinking about one of our investigators Marcelo and we took the train back to our area and went straight to his house. We applied everything we learned and practiced in the training and he accepted a baptismal date for the 20th! It was so awesome. Before, he always said someday I´ll get baptized. Now he has a day! His brother also was going to get baptized the 20th, but he didn´t go to church and so hasn´t attended enough to get baptized. Marcelo did go though, so that was good. He met the bishop, which was good and told him about it. I met the bishop this week as well, finally! He was in the US and then in Uruguay for work and vacation, but he returned this week. We made him a cake (when I say we, my companion) and visited his family. That was good because he told us about lots of the less actives and their situations.

We got mail this week since we went to the offices for the leadership training. Thanks to the Fergusons for the package! I LOVE Reeses. That is definitely my favorite kind of candy and they don´t have them here, so thanks a ton! Also, thanks to Heidi Pincock, Molly Peters, and Grandma (R) Holland for the letters! I will get writing and get you guys letters in the mail soon!

Today we are hanging out with the elders from our district in Juncal (another part of capital). We are going to go eat all you can eat pizza if it´s still open before the siesta and then we´re going to go shopping in this one street that´s foot traffic only and supposedly really cheap. Our district leader Elder Nelson goes home monday, so he wanted to go shopping to get stuff for his family and hang out with the district. Should be fun. Right now we´re in an internet cafe waiting for the other elders in the district in Palermo to get here. They´re doing visa stuff in Retiro (another part of capital).

The weather this week was wacky. It was super hot until friday. Way hotter than before. It was like 90 degrees when we got to our apartment at night, I can only imagine how high it was earlier in the afternoon but then saturday we had a huge storm. It rained a ton. I was wet clear through as I didn´t carry an umbrella. It was super winder and there was thunder and lightning too. It was a lot cooler too. It felt good. Today is back to normal. Not too hot, but warm I think spring is coming. By spring I mean fall haha whoops.

Well, thanks for all the support. Pray for Rachelle or should I say Sister Dotson. Transfers next week! I´m pretty sure I´ll be here again next transfer. My companion, who knows, but we´ll find out Sunday night! Chau!
Until next week!
Hermana Jones

Kasey - thanks for the email! I put a letter in the mail today.

Heidi (Sis. Pincock) - I love you! Thanks a bunch I got your 2 letters from the week of Christmas! Keep up the good work! Have your mom forward me your emails, she isn´t yet. haley.jones@myldsmail.net

Molly Peters - If you read this, thanks for the letter! I will write you back soon! Love ya.

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Hola familia!
Well, this week was pretty good and pretty normal. I know you´re all dying to hear, we found the WALMART! It was in a MALL! I also got ice cream at Burger King! haha. We had stake conference this week, that went well. It is always good to hear from the leaders in the church! Nicolas now has gone to church 3 times and can get baptized! I wish it was as easy as that haha. We have a lot of work to do this week...

This morning my district leader called and Pres. invited me to the leadership training this transfer! That means this week we have training everyday from 10-4 starting tomorrow! It´s for zone leaders, district leaders, and trainers. I´m excited. It feels like just yesterday when I went with Hna. Tejada (my trainer). I´m sure next week I´ll have plenty to tell about that! To get there (the mission offices) we pass through Vicente López my first area because it´s just on the other side of Vicente López. That´ll be fun! And I´ll maybe get to talk to Hna. Rivera on skype because she´ll be attending from Ushuaia via skype I´m sure since she´s training as well. I think there will only be like 3 companionships of Hna´s there since hermanas never are district or zone leaders.

Everyone pray for Nicolas! He is facing lots of opposition and has a baptismal date for sunday. This past sunday after stake conference Palermo had a baptism and we got him and Melani to go to that, and he liked it and felt a lot better afterwards. Now we just need to go talk to his mom, avoid his step-dad and all will be well!

HNA. PAYNE!!! FELIZ CUMPLE! I think it´s your birthday today isn´t it? Well, thanks to Carnaval I can´t send out your letter today, but i´ll send it out next week... at least we found a place to do email today. I think Carnaval became a national holiday this year especially for you and to celebrate your birthday! Hang in there and keep working hard! I can´t believe you´re with your 2nd companion in your 2nd area still! Your pres. must make less changes at transfers! I am in my 3rd area with my 4th companion. In my mission sisters usually have between 3-5 areas, and the way things are going I´m guessing I´ll have 4 areas, in other words 1 more, but we´ll see... I love you!

Anyways, hope all is well whereever in the world you all may be! This week we focused on the Holy Ghost and always having the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I love D&C 11:12-14. We fasted as a mission and had a special/extra district meeting about it. Also we studied the talk by É Bednar called ¨Receive the Holy Ghost¨, it is vital in our lives to always have the Spirit with us!

Hermana Jones

1 & 2 Japonese garden
3 the lunch I made myself the other day when we didn´t have lunch. (yes mom! my tastes are changing, I now love tomatos and salad with tomato as pictured!)