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Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Well, this week went well. Ricardo went to church again and accepted to get baptized the 12th! Now we just need to teach him a few more things and have his interview. Maria del Carmen gets baptized this weekend! It was announced and everything. She quit her job to be able to go to church on sundays. I am so happy for her. She has so much faith. She knows and confides in the Lord. She knows it will all turn out well. We still haven´t had interviews with Pres. I hope this week we have them, and we get mail too! Who knows, we will see. I can´t believe how fast this transfer has gone by. I think it ties for the fastest transfer ever. My other fastest was the transfer I was with Hna. Rivera. I can´t believe only 2 more weeks. I think I´ll be here again next transfer, but if not I´ll still probably only have one more area. You never know.

I´m glad you´re all enjoying the cabin! You should send me some pics of Trevor getting air on the table top jump on his dirtbike. Sounds like he can probably already outride me!
Church yesterday was great. It was ward conference and I loved the classes and the talks. I feel like I came away having learned a lot and wanting to keep learning and being better all the time. RS/Priesthood was combined and it was a class by the stake president on missionary work. It was great. Sometimes we have a hard time in this ward, because the members are always super busy at work and or school. But, after the class 5 or 6 hermanos jumped up to meet Ricardo and I turned around and he was off by himself with the elders quorum president talking. He is getting a lot of fellowshipping and support from the members at church, which has helped a ton.

There was a talk in church yesterday that the bishop gave that I loved. He talked about how before the good comes, we always have to pass through the rough times. He gave lots of examples from the scriptures and even in Christ´s own life. When rough times come we have to endure and learn from it as quick as possible. He read a poem that talked about it as well. When we pray for things and how we see the trials come, that how we learn and develop the attributes we pray for. The trick is to learn quick and pick yourself up from it as quick as possible. To do that, we have to always have faith and a good, optimistic attitude. The Lord will always have blessing waiting, and we can progress and become better as we pass through the rough times. Many of the prophets were persecuted even until death, even Christ himself was. But, look at how great of people they were and now where they´re at. Especially Joseph Smith. Good examples to think about anyways.

I´m going to send a song, I love this version. Make sure you have some good bass going when you listen to it ;).

The pictures are:
familia Ogas (less actives)
estadio River Plate!!! Vamos River.

Hermana Jones

PS: There´re a lot of people I´ve written and need to send letters to. No worries, next monday I will be printing pictures and will get the letters in the mail finally! Sorry for the delay.

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Agustin got baptized! It was so great. The baptismal service started super late because there was a bit of confusion about who was going to fill the font, but it all turned out great! He is a son of a lady that was inactive in the ward. We started visiting them and got them going to church. Her son wasn´t baptized, so there you have it!
Ricardo went to church! Finally. He loved it too. I think he´ll be getting baptized in about 3 weeks. Hopefully Maria del Carmen will as well.
This week we spent most of the time searching for old investigators in the area book that have already gone to church. We had a cellphone conference with the entire mission this week. That was cool. There was about 170 people on the same call. We all connected as a district, then as a zone, then the zone leaders connected to the assistents. It was cool. Everyone had to have their phones on mute, and Pres was the only one who talked.
Well, today our apartment is getting some repairs done in the kitchen, so we have to go back to see how that´s coming soon.
Hna. Reed had her birthday this week. I suprised her for lunch on thursday and we met up with her favorite family in the ward at a super good ice cream place. I had the candles in my bag. I´ll send some pictures.
We should be having interviews soon and getting mail, but I still haven´t heard about that... I do know that tuesday Hna. Reed has to go to the mission offices to work on getting her Argentina ID. I did the paperwork for mine a long time ago but still haven´t received it. That´ll be cool to have when I finally do get it.
It´s been a fairly mild fall here. Not terribly cold. Yesterday we had a rain storm, but it wasn´t too bad. I´m thinking maybe this winter won´t be as crazy cold as last winter. We´ll see what happens.

Well, I need to go check on the worker guys and then I´ll be back to attach photos!

Ok I´m back, that was quick huh!? Well it is just across the street... Anyways, yesterday I was studying and made a few signs for the wall by my desk that I love. One of them is a list with the words to the song ¨More Holiness Give Me¨ I love that hymn. That and the other is the scripture Marcos 8:35 I think it is. That scripture not only can apply to missionary work but to every part of our lives. I encourage you all to think about that!

Hermana Jones

Hna. Payne! - I´m glad you got the letter. That stinks you can´t leave your area. I love you!

Kasey - Me encanta su nueva meta! Siga con eso. Yo justo esta semana estaba pensando mucho en eso. Yo tenia esa misa meta antes de entrar el CCM. Suerte con su trabajo y sus hermanos.

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Well, this week went well. Maria del Carmen had her baptismal interview and she passed!!! Now we just have to wait til she quits her job on sundays, and she will get baptized. I think her baptism will be june 5th. Also, we have been working with a less active family and they have been going to church. The son, Agustin isn´t baptized yet so he gets baptized on saturday! It´s about time we got baptizing here!
Things with Hna Reed are going well. She is still learning spanish, and is very shy but it´s going well. This week we need to find lots of new investigators. We are still teaching Sara and things with her are going well. She went to church again yesterday. She has a hard time retaining and understanding what we teach her, but with lots of repetition, we´re getting there. Hopefully she can get baptized soon.
Last p-day we went a played soccer with the Elders and that was fun. We also went to Subway!!! I was so happy and it was so good. The Elders have one in their area.

Well, funny story. Yesterday there was a huge soccer game here. The two most famous teams in Argentina, both from here in Capital played eachother. Boca Juniors and River Plate The game was at 4. From 4-5 we were trying to teach and no one was letting us in! Also randomly two times in the street we heard screaming and yelling and GOOOOOOOOOOL. All in unison coming from the houses. That was funny. We knew how many goals were scored in that game. From 5-6 we gave up on trying to teach investigators and went to a big park and started contacting people. That was more effective, we found 2 new investigators haha.

Gross story. This week it started to cool down a bit, so I went to make hot chocolate with some cocoa powder my old comp left. Well it was full of small worm looking bugs. They I looked and realized that almost all of the food in there, spices and things like that were full of them. Needless to say, we threw away all the food that we hadn´t just bought on monday.

Other than that not too much is new. Working on getting people to church, and trying to keep working with members! I love this work. The time is flying by. I can´t believe that in a month Hna. Rivera and Lyons will already be home.

Oh, by the way, this week is my companions birthday, the 19th. She turns 23. I haven´t had a single companion younger than me. I think for lunch (because we actually don´t have lunch with members that day) I am going to tell her favorite family in our ward to meet us at an ice cream place at a certain time and make it be a suprise. Good thing I still have the candles from my birthday!

Enjoy the pictures!
Hermana Jones

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Well, this week was busy with the transfers. My companion is here and her name is Hna. Reed. She is from Broomfield, Colorado. She´s pretty cool. She makes me remember and think back to my first area when I was with my trainer. She is very similar to me. She is quiet but nice and always is diligent and does what I need her to do. I am grateful that I do understand how she´s feeling and was in her shoes not that long ago to be able to help her open up and talk to people and speak spanish. It´s going to be a great transfer or two together! And guess what, she brought me Reeses! :)

It was great to talk and and ¨see¨ you guys last night! I´m glad everyone is doing so well!
We are still working with the same investigators, trying to get them progressing. The second picture is Sara Gonzalez. She will get baptized soon, but it´s going to be a lot of work. Also, Maria del Carmen will be baptized soon, but once again a lot of work ahead of us.

I am going to send a bunch of pictures, because it´s been awhile since I sent many.

1 - Abraham and Miguel (converts from Vicente López)
2 - Sara Gonzalez (soon to be convert)
3 - Tigre with Hna. Lyons & Peña

I hope everyone has a great week! Also I hope everyone, especially Mom had a great mother´s day!!! I love you Mom!

Hermana Jones

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Hola a todos!
Well, this was one of the craziest stressful weeks ever, but it´s over and the work will progress. That being said, hna. Gonzalez is off to Ushuaia to be with my last companion hna. Rivera!!! Wow. She is in for a treat. seriously. That´s all I have to say.
I am companionless right now. Well, not really. I´m here in Tigre which is north of capital with Hna. Lyons and Hna. Peña. We are not receiving our companions til tomorrow. Fresh from the MTC or CCM (MTC here). Oh how I hope she is latina. We will find out in exactly 24 hours. It seems like just yesterday I arrived at the mission home and met my trainer. I don´t feel ready to train, but I´m sure I will learn a lot from it. There are 5 Hnas in the mission that have more experience/time than me and aren´t training. I don´t know what I´m doing, but I will have to learn. There´s 6 sisters that go home the next two transfers and then it´s just Hna. Campos and I. Scary.
Last night we went to the mission farewell in San Fernando and Abraham and Miguel were both there (my first two baptisms)! I was so happy. Abraham was joking around and this time I understood his jokes!
Last night we didn´t receive the transfer call til about 11 and my companion was up til 2 packing. Then we got up at 3 because she had to go to the airport. Needless to say, I am a little sleepy! :)

Well, I don´t know what else to say.
Kasey, thanks for the email, I love hearing from you.
Hna. Payne and Hna. Pincock - keep up the great work, I love reading your stories, they crack me up.
Melina, keep getting in those ski days as long as Crystal is open!

Have a great week everyone and I will fill in asap on the nuevita!
Hna. Jones
ps sorry this computer is horrible and so I will send photos next week.