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Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

This week was good. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
I got the package from Hermana Payne! Thanks a ton! It was perfect. I also talked to a family in my branch that moved here a few months ago and they were in the ward of Hna. Payne in Resistencia and their Mom is in your ward still. They are the Flia. Franco.

This week flew by super quick. I don´t know how it passed so fast, but it did! Yesterday we didn´t have many investigators in church, and all week we worked with families and they were going to go. We were going to have like 5 families there and none of them went. I was bummed, but then I realized that we just have to keep working and doing what we´re here to do. The Lord will do the rest. Satan wants us to feel beat and discouraged, so why give him the satisfaction?... Anyways, all in all good week.

I read some awesome awesome talks this week that I found in the Liahona and that my companion had. Also I read lots in Mosiah. I love King Benjamin´s address. There is so much to be learned from it. The talks I recommend are called, ¨El Hoy¨, which in english would be ¨Today¨. Also, I read almost the whole Liahona from Nov. 2008. The Come what May and Love it talk from Elder Wirthlin, and there are some other great ones about the Sacrament and there´s a good one about how everyone can understand the gospel. Even little children can understand and apply it in their lives. I learned a lot from that talk. We are teaching a ton of Bolivian families right now that live up in the mountain. The way we teach them is very different, much more simple. They are a very great, humble people. Very teachable. We also found a Bible in Quechua finally! We borrowed it from one of our investigators and made copies of a bunch of key chapters like James 1, Ezekiel, and Amos. So now we can use that to teach. Most of them speak a little spanish, but can´t read in spanish, so my companion reads to them verses in Quechua. She can pronounce things correctly, which is a plus haha. So we are learning Quechua. ¨Haku capillama!¨ = vamos a la capilla = let´s go to church!

We had lots of good experiences, especially yesterday up there with them. There is a sister in the branch, Hermana Rojas that is Boliviana and lives up there. She has been accompanying us a lot. We contacted a reference, and the lady was not showing much interest. Then Hna. Rojas spoke up, in Quechua and talked to her for about 10 min straight. We just stood there and smiled. I didn´t understand much, but I did understand, tithing, tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs, fast offerings, and a bunch of stuff like that. Not normally things you want to go mentioning in the first contact with someone... like ok, here´s all we can´t do. I don´t know what she said, but at the end the lady agreed to go to church and accepted a return appointment. Haha that was awesome.

Zone conference we tuesday and of course was great! He really stressed the importance of working with members. It is key. When ever we have the help of members we see much more sucess. They are real people with real experiences and with time to make to help the investigators feel welcome and have friends in the gospel. Time is always a sacrifice, but to spend it doing missionary work is worth it.

Well, in conclusion I´d like to share a scripture my companion shared with me this week in companion study. I love companion study with Hna. Rivera! It is 2 Corinthians 1:2-5 or 6.

I love you all!
Hermana Jones

PS: ¡la foto es zona Tierra del Fuego!
la otra es la semana pasada - p-day

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martes, 25 de enero de 2011

lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

This week was great. We are seeing lots of progress here and lots of investigators are going to church, which is always good. This week we went to the funeral of the wife of the president of the district. They were in a bad accident and she passed away. She left 4 kids. It was heart wrenching to see the family, but it was a testimony to me of the plan of salvacion and to see how that reacted to everything. At the funeral I met a girl that just came from Resistencia and was in Hermana Payne´s ward! That was exciting. She said she brought a package for me from Hermana Payne, but she gave it to the Elders because she saw them first and they will give it to me tomorrow in the zone conference. Thank you HERMANA PAYNE!! I hope you´re surviving the heat, she said that the heat is whats killing you! Hey, let me know if I can send you anything. It´s plenty cold here... :)

Alicia, our convert is doing so great. Just seeing her life change has strengthened my testimony so much. She is so willing to do whatever it takes to live the gospel. She doesn´t have a lot of money right now, because she isn´t working much because she had a baby in September, but she wants to pay her tithing before anything else. She has so many hard things going on in her life with her kids and lots of complication, but she endures to the end and does what she has to do. She calls me ¨la JONAAAAAS¨ and my companion ¨la Rivero¨. It´s pretty funny, I´ll have to take a video of that. She told the Pres of the branch that ¨la JONAS¨ is her favorite and she always is so happy to see us. I love it. It´s nice to have that instead of doors slamming sometimes :). She is good friends with some other converts in the ward too, so that will be good for her.

This week we went to a branch activity because we were in charge of the game. We did a game where the members divided into families and had to draw 2 cards that said an action and do the action in front of everyone. For example crawl on the floor and sing a song of children. Things like that. Or imitate a monkey. We had the whole branch laughing, and we took lots of pictures haha. It was to teach the principle of obedience.

Yesterday, we went to the hospital because the mission office called and said that there was a lady there that got sick on a cruise and speaks only english. We went and she is in intensive care and talked to her sons, they didn´t let us go see her. Turns out she lives in Newcastle, WA! Her name is Sally Hooper. She isn´t doing well. Her sons said she is going to pass away in the next couple of days. One of the sons lives in Maple Valley and works with Bishop Collins from Tiger Mt. ward. I think he emailed the mission offices or something and that is why we went. I also talked to a lady from the same cruise that was there for her husband who got sick and is dying due to complication of a surgery he had in sept. They are from Nimibia, a country in south Africa. They speak english there also. My companion´s english is pretty good. I was suprised hearing her speak at how good it is! We don´t every speak english together, but we talked to Pdte. Gulbrandsen today and he said that he wants us to talk english in the apartment with latin companions now.

Today we went via catamaran with Pres and Sis Gulbrandsen to see penguins and sea lions and we even went to Chile! It was so cool!!! We saw the light house, and I took a billion pictures. It was so fun. We went the whole district with them.

I hope everyone is doing great! The reading I recommend for today is Mosiah 25. I love how the king was converted and everyone else followed his example and got baptized. If we can teach the head of the household, the family will follow the example and we can help families!
Tomorrow is zone conference I am so excited!
Many fotos to come!

Hermana Jones

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

This week was so great! This week was the best/my favorite week of the mission! I am so happy right now! We worked super hard and I just love it! Lots of success and lots of new investigators! Also, Alicia got baptized saturday and confirmed sunday! ç

Monday, we went to the glaciar which was awesome of course! I will send lots of pictures of that next week when we have better internet. This week we are in a place that´s really slow and expensive because the place we usually go to didn´t have 2 open computers together. It was good to get out and hike around a bit! Also, we took a chairlift up! That was very exciting.

This week was pretty normal we found lots of new investigators which is good. Alicia´s baptism was a miracle. There was a lot of opposition, but with lots of prayers and fasting all ended up well. We basically had to teach everything over again and help her understand better. There were problems with the baptismal font as well, which always seems to happen!

Also, this week I got some mail! Thanks for the letters, ym/yw from the ward, Kasey, Fuhrimans, and Katie. This coming week President is coming!

The only bummer about this week, yesterday my companion and I were throwing up a ton. I first threw up in the street twice and then we taught a couple lessons and then I threw up 3 more times (luckily we were outside again) and my companion also wasn´t feeling well so we went home early and both were throwing up til late last night. However, today we are feeling much better, don´t worry!

Well, I need to go, but will write more next week! I hope all are doing well!

COURTNEY! Thanks a ton for the email. It is good to hear from ya. I will write you soon. Say hi to Rach for me. No I haven´t heard from Brittney once in the mission! You should give her a hard time about that for me.

Hermana Jones

lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

This week was great. We had more success as far as numbers than I´ve had up to this point in my mission as far as lessons, references, new investigators and everything. That was encouraging, since I´m the one that knows the area, members, etc. We are working really hard, and having fun at the same time! I´m learning a lot from Hna. Rivera. She is a great companion! I have been blessed with awesome companions! She has more of a chilean accent, so that might rub off on me a little haha.

This week we found lots of great new investigators. Hilda and her family finally made it to church! That was exciting! Now they just have to get married! They already want to get baptized, so I have no doubts that it´ll happen, but the question now is when. They have 2 daughters over the age of 8 too! The girls loved primary and made friends with the girls in the branch.

This week, as you´ll notice in the pictures I got a little bit too close to a dog. There are dogs everywhere but normally they just jump all over you with their muddy paws and get you all dirty. Not this time. We were up in barrio Escondido and trying to contact a reference that a family gave us. They had a dog chained up that was just sitting there doing nothing. I went to the door and knocked but no body was home. I was leaving and walked down the stair and as I passed the dog that was sitting there he pounced. He got my foot in his mouth and let´s just say my fear of dogs came back now haha! It´s all good now, and the dog is still alive so it doesn´t have rabies, that´s the good news! My foot is a little sore, but it´s getting better and I can walk just fine, so no worries there! And hey, it makes for a good story I guess...

Today we are going to go to the glacier! I am soooo excited right now you have no idea! I will take lots of pictures for next week, no worries! Silvia is going to take us up there and Antonia a less acitve girl in the ward is going to come with us, she is 21. My companion is a hard worker, which I LOVE and we get along well.

MARTHA KNIGHT - write me! I don´t have your address. I want to write you. You can email your address if you want. PS: I miss you!

HNA PAYNE! Thanks for having your dad forward me your emails! Don´t die in the humid-heat-jungle up there! There´s a girl in my branch that served in Resistencia and a family that just moved to our branch from Chaco. Flia. Franco. I don´t know if you know them, but hey they said they have hna´s in their ward up there so I thought I´d mention it just in case!

Basically, life is great right now! Loving Ushuaia! The weather is perfect as well! Some days are a little chilly or wet, but I can´t complain, at least I´m not in the north where it´s 100 + degrees and super humid!
I never really realized before now, but D&C talks a lot about missionary work. It has lots of good advice. Now that I´m reading it, I´m realizing. :)

lunes, 3 de enero de 2011


Mom, please add to the list of emails you forward to: monnytabonita@hotmail.com (my comp Hna Mora)

Well first of all I made it back to Ushuaia on Saturday! All is well thankfully. My new companion is Hermana Rivera. She is from Santiago, Chile. She was in Vicente López with Hermana Tejada before I got there. I met her once in the north at a conference. We even did a practice together once. She is very nice and we are already having lots of sucess! Yesterday we found 6 new investigators and 5 of them accepted baptismal dates for the end of the month! It was a great day! I am very pumped right now to continue working and have lots of success in this transfer. I think it will be my last transfer here, but we will see!

Rio Gallegos was also a great experience. I love Hermana Lyons and Hermana Salas. They are great. I already miss them and was only with them a week! It´s funny because Hermana Lyons and I both lived in chipman hall freshman year and have a lot of things like that in common. Hermana Salas is new, but she is amazing. She teaches very well. I learned a lot from both of them! We knocked a lot of doors and had some fun and some good experiences. New years we went to bed at 10:30. Supposedly there were lots of fire works but I slept through it all!

Saturday my companion arrived a little bit before me, and Silvia picked her up and took her to eat lunch then they went and picked me up. We took her bags to our apartment and then went to work. She asked a lot of inspired questions and has a lot of good experience. She has about a year in the mission.

The fotos are the baptism,
lamb (yes that´s a awhole lamb at a members house), I have eaten lamb various times. It is very tasty here because it´s lamb from the patagonia and so supposedly it´s the best lamb in the world.
The airport returning to Ushuaia - Hermana Lyons and Salas
Christmas with the sombrero from Mexico Hna Mora gave me
Today with Hermana Rivera!

Kasey - thanks for the email, send the letters to the mission office, I don´t know how much longer I¨ll be here. Thanks! Enjoy those skis for me! Good luck finding an internship!

Monica Mora - Gracias por su email! Espero que disfrute sus siestas! La extraño un montón (a full) también! Voy a escribirle por carta, no se procupe! Siga escribiendome y digame de todo! Le quiero mucho hermanita! También mi mama va a mandarle mis emails cada semana a mi familia.

This week I read some conference talks in the liahona. I recommend the one by Elder Uchtdorf about how we need to slow down in life and not be so busy! I think I will try and apply that to my life more after the mission :)

Hermana Jones

sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

Ushuaia semana 12 y Rio Gallegos semana .5


Well, still here in Rio Gallegos and guess what!? There´s not flights out of here til at least saturday! Woohoo. So I´ll be living here until at least saturday. The secretary is trying to book flights for saturday, but isn´t sure if he´ll even be able to get that. So as far as I know I´m stuck here until then. Not that that´s a bad thing, but I miss Ushuaia!!! It´s hard to keep the investigators progressing when the only method of communication is by phone! haha. Despite not being there Sunday and having to call them all, 3 made it to church and a less active that we´ve been visiting every week that hadn´t gone once since I´ve been in the south went to church!

Christmas and Christmas Eve went well. We spent a lot of the tie getting Hermana Mora ready to fly to Buenos Aires and then home. She went up to my first area Vicente López. She called sunday night to ask me the numbers for the week and she said she met one of my converts Miguel and he is doing awesome! Saturday, Christmas day, Hermana Mora and I were on the same flight and the plane stopped and I got off at Rio Gallegos and she continued on to Buenos Aires. I miss her a lot.

Now, I am with Hermana Lyons and Hermana Salas. Hermana Lyons has about 6 months more than I do in the mission and is training Hermana Salas. Hermana Salas is from Chile and Hermana Lyons is from Colorado Springs. Both of them are great! Turns out Hermana Lyons lived in Chipman hall the same year I did but on a different floor, so we probably have seen eachother a million times before and didn´t know it! She went from being Junior companion and having like 11 months in the mission to training. Crazy. Both of them are great. I wouldn´t be suprised if one of them is transferred to Ushuaia with me, but so far we don´t know who will be my companion. They had 3 baptisms on Sunday which I go to go to. A mom and two of her daughters. Almost everyone is on vacation right now. In church we had less than 10 in attendance in the branch! I think there´s 4 branches here and 4 companionships of missionarys. One companionship is like 3 hours away in calefate.

I already wore all my clothes that I brought, so I will have to do a little wash today I think haha. I now have served in all of the areas of my trainer, Hermana Tejada! She started here in Rio Gallegos, then went to Ushuaia, then Vicente López. I just did it in reverse order.

I like Rio Gallegos. It´s nice and laid back like Ushuaia, but it´s all flat unlike Ushuaia and kind of ugly. There´s not really any trees, mountains or anything. It very windy here and seems to be similar to Ushuaia as far as the temperature, maybe a little warmer.
There´s also penguins here, but I don´t think we will have time to go see them. They showed me pictures of a few weeks ago when they went and saw them!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Hopefully next week I´ll be writing from Ushuaia!

Hermana Jones

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