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lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

This week was even better than the last! It´s still cold, but I am getting used to it. The weather here thus far seems very similar to Seattle.

This week we found a ton of new investigators. Like 20. There isn´t enough time in the day to teach them all! We need to work on getting our investigators to church. The past 2 sundays it has rained and I think that prevents some from going.
This week, there was a conference with the President for leaders, and my companion is the only trainer who is an hermana right now, so I got to go too! It was 3 days for about 4 hours each day. It was great. I learned a ton.

We have set baptismal dates from a few people this week for August 14th, so hopefully they attend church 3 times (requirement) so that they can be baptized! The field is truly white!
This week, we stopped to get a snack, luckily, because we wouldn´t have run into Meri. She is golden! She is from Peru and had LDS friends there. She came to church sunday, and everything. She said when we first met her that the day before had been bad, and she had been praying a lot for help from God, and then she told us that she thought we were her answer! It was a cool experience.

Lots of people here are from Peru and Paraguay, and most are Catholic. I have also run into Evangelicals, and Jehovah´s Witnesses quite often.
The food here is really good! Lots of pasta, bread, and meat. Most of our lunches we eat with members and they feed us well! Breakfast usually I eat cereal and yogurt or fruit. The cereal here is weird. But it´s cereal. They have some great pastries called facturas, and also these brownie things called alfajores. Look them up, they´re delicious.

Yesterday we were eating lunch with a couple of families. They asked where I was from and I said WA. Then one was like, oh one of my mission companions is from there, do you know John Rex?! It was funny. They know the Rexs and still keep in contact with them it sounds like! They are the Roy family. I think. Then later, Hna Tejada and I were walking to an investigators house, and she said wait, do they have a daughter named Jessica and have they lived in Florida? So my companion also knows who the family is, from a long time ago! Crazy stuff, small world.

Thanks for all the emails! Courtney, Kasey, Grandma, and Family! I love reading from everyone! Sounds like life is good!

Courtney - let me know when you get back, and your address and I´ll write you a real letter!
Hna. Payne, I hope you get your visa soon! Also, it´s cold here. Bring your yoga pants, I changed my mind. You can wear them under your skirt. Also, survive the first week in the field, and you´ll be fine. The first week was much harder than the second I thought.
Kasey, I will try and write you today, I should have time. Hope works going well!

I hope everyone has a great week! Things here continue to get better and better! I love this work, and I see miracles all the time! We only receive mail when we have zone conference, which we have this coming week. From what my companion has told me, she has gotten all the mail she was supposed to, packages included, so that´s good news!

Hermana Jones
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