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martes, 13 de julio de 2010

I am here! Tired, but all is good. We went to the mission presidents house and had interviews, lunch, etc and then our companions came and picked us up! My companion seems awesome! Her name is Hermana Tejada. She is from Miami, FL. She spoke spanish before her mission, and her accent is very good! She has been out for 15 months! Our area is in the city and includes the mission presidents house, so it isn´t far at all.

Buenos Aires is huge! It is very beautiful. We went past the temple, and it is under construction right now. They said it will be rededicated in about a year, and we will probably get to do the open house and all of that! That will be something to look forward to for sure!

Normally my p day will be mondays, but on transfer weeks, p day is moved to tuesdays. So, today is pday. We are going to go grocery shopping, and then I will start unpacking, then at 6 we go out. We already have some investigators my companion tells me, and a wedding, and a baptismal date! She even set up for us to go teach more to our taxi driver who drove us from the mission presidents home to our apartment. We will mostly be using buses and trains and lots of walking. I feel kind of scatter brained at the moment, lots to take in and lots to learn, but it will come. It is pretty cold here today. Only in the upper 30s I would guess. It´s a nice change for sure!

For lunch, we had empenadas, and fruit salad, and these brownie things. All were delicious. I am going to come back fat haha. They told us that here in Argentina, they eat breakfast, and a late lunch, which we will often eat with members, and they dont really eat dinner.

I´m sure that next week, I will have plenty more to say, but that´s about all I have for now! Hopefully I can sleep really well tonight! I am tired after the traveling. There were crazy storms, so we didn´t get into Buenos Aires until around 10am this morning.

I am excited to be here and can´t wait until I can speak spanish!

Hermana Jones
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