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lunes, 19 de julio de 2010


I am still alive! haha. This week was good. I have been really tired all week trying to catch up on sleep, and I have never walked so much in my life!
Our area is called Vicente López. The mission home is in our area. Some parts of the area are very nice, and some not at all. From what I hear, it is a fairly big area, and we use the train and buses to get out to areas. We also walk a lot.

I am learning a lot. It is hard to understand the people here sometimes, because of their accent. It gets better everyday though.

Today, we got to go to Capital! I saw where Evita took place. :) Us new missionaries had to go to do something with our visas. I´m not sure what, but we did it. We also got to go to McDonalds, as there is a McDonalds in Capital. It was fun.

The weather here feels quite chilly. Our apartment is cold. we have a couple of small space heaters and thats it for heat. We aren´t in our apartment very much though. Showers also are my least favorite time of day... No heat in the bathroom and not even luke warm water. :) I am getting used to it though. I will have to take some pictures of our apartment.

Hermana Tejada my trainer is awesome. She is from Miami FL, but her dad is from Ecuador so she knew spanish before. She is a very hard worker. Some nights, we have to run home to get home in time, because we work up to the very last minutes. She is very obedient and very diligent. It´s great. I couldn´t ask for a better trainer. But, I do miss my MTC companions :). I hope Hermana Payne makes it to Argentine sometime soon.

We have a lot of investigators. More than I expected we would. We spend a lot more time teaching than I thought we would too. We try to get new contacts on the buses and on our way to teaching, and spend most of the days teaching investigators, and this week we visited quite a few less actives.

Church on Sunday went well, we had some investigators come which was good. Sunday was like a tropical storm minus the warmness. We came home soaking wet, and we had to go home and change to dry clothes half-way through the day! Today hasn´t been quite so bad, but it´s still raining.

Well, I am just about out of time, but thanks for the emails! I will try and write a letter today, but I don´t know if I´ll have time, because we spent most of the day in Capital and p-day ends at 6.

Hermana Jones

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