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lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010


This week was great! I am learning more and more everyday!
Yesterday was crazy, and not so great, but it´s over now and we just have to move on a laugh about it now.

However, basically, we got up at 5:30 yesterday because we were determined to get all our investigators to church that had committed to go. We were out of the house at 6:30 to go get them all up. We got to the first house around 7, and woke them up and they said they´d come, so we left to go wake up more and return later to all go together. We went to this big apartment complex thing to wake up 4 or so families there, but the outer door to the building was locked! Then we ran around (literally running the whole time) trying to find a phone to call them to let us in. We finally found a gas station and called, but none of their phones had credit. Here they buy cards with credit for cell phones. We have a cell phone, but we have to leave it in our apartment for security reasons. Anyways, we went back to check if it had been unlocked one last time, and it had. I´m sure our faces looked hilarious, we sprinted in there like little kids in a toy store and started knocking on doors. NOBODY would get up and answer! So we finally went back to the other investigators house that we had already woken up first, and she said she would have to come late because her kids were still sleeping. We told her we´d wait, but then it got too late, and we didnt want to miss the sacrament. So then we sprinted to a bus, and got on and probably looked very flustered, etc. from running around for 2 hours from place to place, and half the ward was on the bus! haha. Long story short, we had 0 investigators go to church. It was really frustrating, because we put in a huge effort this week, all week. Then, after church, we had a lunch appointment with a member. She lives far away. We waited for the colectivo (bus) forever. Then it came, but turns out it was the wrong one, so we waited for another. Long story short it took us over an hour to get to her house, and then she wasnt there! We were even on time! We waited for 15 min, but then ended up turning around and going clear back home to break our fast. By this point we were so tired. Also, last night, to top it all off, we were knocking doors in this one neighborhood where a family of investigators lives. This old man opened up and very frankly told us we shouldn´t be out, to leave now, and then proceeded to say all sorts of words, that luckily I don´t know, but my comp told me it wasn´t very nice. :).

All in all it was a very good learning experience. I love being here, and love serving. There is so much to learn and so many people that are ready to hear the gospel! "el campo blanco esta ya para la siega".

Words of wisdom for the week, Mosiah 2. I especially like 24, 34, and 42. The Lord has given and done so much for us, we are eternally indebted to Him. Keep the commandments!

Today, we are going to Burger King. That´s right, Burger King! We got coupons. 2 for 1. Im excited.

Kasey - yes, you can email me whenever you want! Yes, you can send pictures!
Aubrey - thanks for the pictures, they´re beautiful!

Zone meeting this week, we had interviews and all was good. We got mail. I got a letter from Hermana Cindy Hurst in Honduras!! That was exciting, and I got a bunch of DearElders from Grandma Rice that I think she meant to send to the MTC, but those were fun to read as well. So besides that nothing yet, but I´m sure I´ll get your letters next time for sure, I´ll let ya know!

Mom, the address I think is San Fernando, but they´ll be able to figure it out. The letter I got from Hermana Hurst said Ferando, so either will work, they´ll understand. And yes, the numbers at the end are a phone number. That´s the mission office, and you can include it if you want. More security I guess in case they have questions or it gets lost. Either way though, I should get your mail just fine next time we have a zone meeting! I can´t wait!

I love you all so much! Thanks for all the love and support! This week, I thought a lot about how families can be together forever, and I´m so grateful for this blessing we have!

Hermana Jones

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