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lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

What a great week. The work in Zárate progresses!
Well, on tuesday we moved. That was pretty great. Our new house is nice, and NEW. We have a nice patio out back and everything. I have lots of pictures to send today! We have only had to kill one giant cockroach in the new house since we´ve been there!

Flia Baldis got baptized!!! It was so great. They got baptized with 2 other people from other wards in the stake in between conference session on sunday. We did all the stake baptisms together since there was conference. An Hno named Daniel baptized Pablo and the bishop baptized Oriana. It was so awesome. I cant wait til they get sealed in the temple now! We need to keep finding and baptizing families! We did find a good part member family this week. The nonmembers didn´t go to conference, but we´re going to work hard with them.

Conference was so awesome! I loved all the talks. Saturday, my favorite was by Elder Christofferson. Sunday, my favorite was by Pres. Monson. Sunday afternoon session (the later one, since both here are in the afternoon) the power went out so I missed like a talk and a half or so. All I know is when it turned back on he was talking directly to missionaries. When the power went out, we said a prayer. Then we called another zone to here it on speaker phone. That didn´t work so well, but luckily the power came back on after that. It was supposedly going to be out for a few hours, but was only out like 20 min! I feel like every one of the talks are to prepare for the second coming. It is so important not to procrastinate!

This morning I was reading in Romans 1-5. I highly recommend it, it´s some good reading. Romans is like my new favorite book in the Bible. Just how it talks about the Atonement and mercy and justice.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well! Good to hear from so many! I´ll send more pictures.

Hermana Jones

Photos - the baptism fotos will be in another email.
1- the new house - moving in - you´ll notice my comp and I are (Utah State and BYU fans, respectively)
2- the back patio of the new house
3- capital last p-day - the obelisco and you´ll notice Eva Perón (evita) on the side of the building
4- watching conference, in english, with the elders

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