Hermana Jones

Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

Hola familia!
Well, it´s been a crazy week, but we are going to have some baptisms!
This week we had zone conference in Escobar which was great! Thanks Kasey for the letter!
Today, we had to come to capital to do paper work because my argentina ID expired. Lots of traveling. We went to Mcdonalds and shopping after and it´s been super fun! There isn´t too much of that in Zarate... The weather has been so nice here, I love springtime!
Flia Baldi is going to get baptized on sunday! We are working with them a ton. I can´t wait for conference!!!!!

TEEJ! Hope you had a great birthday!!! I bought you a birthday present today. It´s super sweet. I´ll give it to you in Nov.

I´ll send lots of pictures next week! We are going to move on wednesday! Finally! I think next p-day we´re going to go fishing and maybe play some soccer.

Everyone should have some questions written down to be answered in conference! That will be awesome.

I love you all!
Hermana Jones

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