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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Hola familia!

Well this was a good week. The Flia. Baldis got confirmed yesterday in church. They all seemed to be super happy. Oriana even got up and gave her testimony. She told some great stories and the ward is sure supporting them a lot.
We are working with lots of families right now, some of which are part member families it´s just hard because no one here gets married, so they´ve got to fix their lives first. Hopefully we´ll find some new golden investigators this week. We started a new ¨adopt an investigator¨ program in the ward that we invented. We´re trying to get members more excited about working and bringing people to church. I´m excited to see how it turns out!
This week, there was a crazy storm that lasted like 3 days long. Some streets were completely flooded. Lots of rain and mud! Also frogs and bugs!
Today, we played some soccer at the church with the Elders. The young men from our ward were also there so we played with them too. Today is like Colombus day for them here so everything is closed and there is no school. Oh, and by the way Sunday is Mother´s day. Happy Mother´s day Mom!!!
Last week we went and taught english and this english institute. That was fun. My companion actually does talk a lot in english haha!Also, last p-day we went fishing. That was fun, but we didn´t catch a thing haha. We were there almost 3 hours with lunch and all. Today, we are thinking about having a bonfire (or bonfuego as my comp says) in the back yard. We have a bunch of braches back there and we might roast some hot dogs, who knows.

Thanks for all the emails!
Monica MORA!!! Gracias por su email. Todavia tengo el llavero del LdM y a todos les encanta! Gracias por mandarme tanto ánimo! La quiero mucho.

Have an awesome week everyone!!! This week I complete 17 months!!!
Hermana Jones

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