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martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Hey! Well, I have sad news. Hna. Malhue went to Ushuaia. She is so awesome. I already miss her a TON! Transfers are today and she is headed out on a flight this afternoon. She is going to be with Hna. Gonzalez, the first comp I trained. Now I am in Nuñez again waiting for my new comp with Hna. Cariola. They don´t come til tomorrow. I don´t know yet if she is ´merican or latina. She will be fresh from the MTC. We are still going to be in Zarate luckily, now that I have managed to learn the area.

This week was a great mail/email week.
Thanks to Brittney and Courtney! I got your letter Court, and Britt thanks for the email.
No worries, I knew you´d be super busy with the wedding. I LOVE the picture you sent. You are super beautiful! That´s also cool you know my cousin. You probably know him better than I do...

Well this week was a little crazy, but I think I can travel anywhere in Argentina now without problems. We had to go to Migrations because my Argentina ID is only good for a year and I had to renew it. That was a long day. We had to get up and leave at 4:30 in the morning. Then friday they called us to go to the mission home for a ¨special meeting¨. I had no clue what it was for, but we went and President told us, well all the senior comps, you will be training starting next week. So we new on friday that Hna. Malhue was leaving. I guess I´ll have to fill you all in next week about who my comp is since I don´t know yet.

We found a new investigator that is pretty awesome. Her name is Beatriz and we even got her to church (on the back of my bike, and she is like 70 years old... haha). She would get baptized now, but she lives with this guy. She says he´s a big jerk and wants to get away, but she has no where to go, and can´t get baptized because she needs to live the law of chastity... anyways, lots of work to do there!

This week poor Hna Malhue crashed twice on her bike, and within 15 min. The first time happened because she doesn´t have very good eye sight and it was started to get dark and there was a big hole in the ground, a pit that she didn´t see. I didn´t see it, but I heard her call out Hermana Jones! and when I looked back she was on the ground. Then, just after that we were biking downtown more and a parallel parked car opened the door right into her. Luckily she is fine and the only damage suffered is the basket on the front got crunched. I am sure going to miss her. We had some great times together and worked super hard. I know she is going to do great things in her mission. She is ready to do whatever. She is going to baptize all of Ushuaia. I love her attitude.

The biggest thing I learned with her was the importance of charity and love. I feel like my love for the people, my companions, and the Savior has grown so much in the past 6 weeks. I also yesterday was contemplating a lot during the sacrament. The sacrament really is the only time we have in the mission for ourselves. It is so important to take the sacrament with the right attitude and give an accounting to the Lord daily. I felt so strongly when I saw Beatriz´s face when she took the sacrament. Her smile and I could tell the Lord loves her and wants her to be happy. I hope we can help her get out of the house she is living in and she gets baptized soon.

I hope I can help my new companion with lots of patience and love. Sometimes I feel like I have no patience at all, but I am working on it.

This week Hna. Malhue and I started making up some, ´You know you´re in Zarate if....¨ and that was fun. I´ll share some now.
You know you´re in Zarate if more people travel by motorcycle/scooter than in cars
You know you´re in Zarate if you see a goat, cow, and horse stray walking down the same street
You know you´re in Zarate if all the active members of your ward are somehow related
You know you´re in Zarate if a rat runs through your lesson right when the spirit is the strongest

There´s a new sister missionary that got here last transfer that is from Formosa and she knows you! She told me all about you and how you go home in December. haha. She is Hna. Hermosa. She is in my Zone!

Well, thats it for this week! Hope all are doing well and that school goes well this semester! Happy Labor Day!
Hermana Jones

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