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lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Well, all is well down here in good ´ol Zarate. My companion is Hna. Hill. She is from Farmington, Utah. (or the factory as the members call Utah here). :) I find it funny that Hna PAYNE, my MTC comp in Resistencia is also training this transfer and her comp is also from Farmington and just so happens to be great friends and went to primary with my comp. I love the mission. I never want it to end. Today I complete 16 months already! I can´t believe how the time has flown.

So good news. We had a FAMILY go to church yesterday! That´s right, we´re going to baptize a FAMILY! I am so excited. We found them last sunday night with Hna. Malhue. The Mom is a member and she hasn´t gone to church since she was a teenager. Now her daughter goes to a private Catholic school and she doesn´t want her daughter to believe everything they teach her there, she wants her to grow up in the truth. (Her daughter Oriana is 9!) She also wants her husband who is/was atheist to get into it and her two other daughters. I am so excited for them. They were so cute in church.

I got to speak in church by the way. The least preparation for a talk ever. I prepared it sunday morning for half an hour in the dark, right after my comp had tried to blow dry her hair and blew the fuse. Luckily last night we found the breaker and after many attempts and two broom handles, got the lights back on, no big deal. My talk was on ¨how to be a latter-day Saint¨with an emphasis on saint. Anyways, the Baldi family is going to get baptized the 25th as of now. Beatriz is a little nuts, and I´m still not sure what we´re going to do with her. Yesterday we put a bunch of baptismal dates with people, mostly teenaged girls we contacted and they accepted. So hopefully we can get teaching them this week and they go to church next sunday. The hardest part is always getting them to church.

My companion seems pretty awesome. She about died when I told her we were in a bike area. She hadn´t ridden a bike since she was like 12. haha. So far so good though... :) We had to go buy her some spandex for her to put under her skirts so she wasn´t flashing the world. With this whole new dress code, her skirts all just go to her knees. My comp only crashed into me once so far. She couldn´t stop for some reason and rammed right into me. haha. No worries, we´re both fine. I´m sure any onlookers got a good laugh out of that one. Two American white girls with skirts and helmets crashing. My comp is still getting used to changing her eating habits, but she sure loves the food.

Lots of funny random things just happened this week. An example.
We were riding down the street and this whack-o pulled up next to us on his bike and asked us if we were mormon. Then he started saying how the US government is conspiring against the world and that we were/are spies sent from the US. They was funny. Then as he rode off he yelled back, I´m evangelical.

A miracle story.
So this week I was thinking a lot about this family we are reactivating and in my personal studies on tuesday before going to get my new comp, I felt the strong impression to talk about the temple and sealings in our FHE we were to have tuesday with them. We went and shared a scripture about when the sealing power was given to Nefi. Then talked about the temple. The hermana was like crying. She said that is was exactly what she needed. Later that night she told me about her Mom that adopted her that passed away less than 2 months ago. I had no idea. That was powerful for me. I am glad I followed the Spirit on that one... they went to church yesterday. Not because we go over there and give them invitations multiple times a week, but because she wants an eternal family.

What else happened this week, I don´t know. But, this is plenty long.
I hope you all have an awesome week! We are enjoying the sun! I´ll keep BYU is my prayers and they prepare to face the opposition (utah) in this world. There´s always going to be opposition when you´re doing things right. ;)
Hermana Jones

1- My ¨hijitas¨and I (Hna. Reed and Hna. Malhue). By the way, Hna Reed got transferred from Nuñez to Vicente Lopez (my 1st area) as senior comp! You go girl! I mean sister.
2- my old district (I know with the palm trees it looks like we´re in paradise. That´s just Zarate for ya)
3- my new ¨hijita¨ Hna. Hill and I - right now writing you all

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