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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Hola Familia!
This was an adventure filled week.
We had leadership training tuesday and thursday. That requires a lot of traveling and getting up at like 4:30 in the morning to get there on time, but I´d defeinitely say it´s worth it. Wednesday night I was up all night throwing up. That was miserable and then we had to get up early to go to the training. I don´t know what I ate... Luckily I got better the next day and didn´t have problems during the training. I just didn´t eat much that day. I´m all back to normal now. This week also they shut off our gas because there was a bill we hadn´t paid from a previous rentor or something that the owner was still trying to get a hold of. So from monday to friday we didn´t have warm water or heat. Luckily we have a small electric heater we used, but those were some cold showers! Now something is messed up in our building and we don´t have running water since yesterday. I sure hope we move soon!

Flia. Baldi is doing great. They´re going to get baptized conference weekend. Also, Mari finally came to church. She´s a lady that has a small hamburger restaurant fastfood place close to where we live. Hopefully we can get her progressing towards baptism because she could also get baptized conference weekend.

I am super happy. I´m not sure why, but all is well! I got the package this week, thanks Mom!!! The reeses are already gone! Also, I am wearing the BYU shirt today to go play soccer! I also got a letter from Kasey, thanks Kasey!

I´ll send some sweet pictures.

-Me overlooking the ¨villa angus¨
-us with Flia. Tome and Flia. Baldi in an FHE
-getting investigators to go to church early sunday morning
-my companion (that may or may not be a sleeping drunk man on the ground in the background)

Could someone scan and email me a picture of my baptism? I think it will come in handy. Could you do that now so I have it this week?

Hermana Jones

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