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martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Everything is going well!
1. Ezekiel gets baptized this coming sunday (I learned this week it´s actually Ezequiel and not with ¨k¨ but I´m just used to spelling it with K)
2. I don´t have lice
3. We played soccer last p-day
4. I just took a nap

Ezekiel gets baptized on sunday, which we are super excited for. He even got up and gave his testimony yesterday in church all by himself. Afterwards, an hermano that´s a convert (Raquel´s husband) took off his tie and gave it to Ezekiel, since he didn´t have a tie. We had only found and gave him a white shirt. That´s charity. We had to teach him just about everything this past week, but he is definitely putting in his part reading and praying. He even started trying to find us new investigators, and sometimes accompanies us in the lessons and helps teach. He wants to go on a mission asap. He is a golden investigator. We had some incredible experiences with him this past week. He passed his baptismal interview on friday easy. After his interview the elders had a lesson in the chapel with one of their investigators and we stayed with Ezekiel and had a joint lesson. Basically Ezekiel shared his feelings and everything (without us asking a thing) and she at the end accepted a baptismal date for this saturday. The elders were in shock I´m pretty sure haha. There is a funny story though about Ezekiel which is not appropriate to be sent out via email, so I´ll have to save that one for later... let´s just say (for those of you who understand my code...) H^3...

This week we moved chapels. Now instead of going to the chapel in Belgrano we go in Urquiza. There are going to rebuild the one in Belgrano. The one in Urquiza is a little bit further away, but we didn´t have any problems getting there on the bus. Also we switched districts. Not sure why, but now we´re in the district with Belgrano, which is closer, but now the hermanas in Urquiza have to go further away (we switched with the other hermanas in the zone).

Wow this week has sure been cold. It´s been down around freezing many days.
Great news! I had Anita check me for lice, because I was quite worried, just seeing how common it is here. Well, I don´t have lice! It´s a miracle. I am being watched over.

Thanks to Heidi and Kasey for the letters! We had zone conference not this week, but the week before. I´ll write ya both back today.
This week we had leadership training, which I´m excited for.

The pictures are:
1. Part of the zone at the chapel in Belgrano after playing soccer
2. Us last sunday with Ezekiel
3. the happiest hermanas you have ever seen!

This week I learned an important lesson. It is hard to explain what I feel, but I am so grateful to be a missionary! Everytime you have an investigator progressing and that gets baptized it´s an amazing feeling. You feel so much pride for them, for the decision they took. You feel like they´re your brother or sister, or son or daughter. You are just so happy for them. But, at the same time you feel SO humble. For every baptism to take place, it requires a ton of help and blessings for the Lord. There´s no way they go through without it. You realize how incredibly blessed you are to have been a part of changing someone´s life. Heavenly Father is the one that does it all. He uses lots of means, the members, the bishop, the Spirit, the scriptures, the list goes on and on. You realize how much takes place in the lives of the people, and I am just so grateful that the Lord lets me be a part of that change in the lives of so many people. I feel so humbled, because without our bishop, the members, the ward mission leader, the ward missionaries, the scriptures, and most importantly the Spirit, Ezekiel would definitely not be where he´s at now. It´s amazing the changes I have seen in him in only 2 weeks, and how it doesn´t matter the commitment, he´s willing to do it because he felt the spirit so strongly and knows the Book of Mormon is true. Many people say that Belgrano (our zone) is a tough zone. It´s capital, it´s the lowest baptizing zone by far. But, I know that the Lord is preparing tons of people. I would be happy staying here in Nuñez for the rest of my mission (although I probably only have 3 weeks left here :( ).

Well, I hope you all have a great week, and know that I love you all so much!
Hermana Jones

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