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lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Mom, please start forwarding my email to Daniella Rivera dani.riverag@gmail.com

This week I think pictures speak louder than any words I could type. Ezequiel got baptized and all went just great. He´s got a powerful testimony and is already finding us new investigators and setting us appointments with them.
Now we are working with a lady named Dolly. She is great and has a strong testimony. The only thing is she works on sundays. She lives with a super old lady and takes care of her. She needs to talk to her boss and get that figured out, but she is kind of a timid person, so we are trying to help her overcome that. She was an old investigator for a couple of years ago that we found in the area book. I have seen lots of success working with the area book. Anyways, I´ll keep ya´ll updated on her progress.
Other than that things are going great. I´m trying to think of funnny or interesting stories to tell to make my letters more interesting.
This week, because we had a baptism sunday we faced some good opposition. Lots of rejection, or more than usual. Knocking doors, with our investigators, everything. We had 3 investigators drop us. Usually we´re the ones to drop investigators when they don´t progress, but they just flat out told us no. One is kind of a funny story, I guess haha. Two girls names Oriana and Mikaela. We went to stop by and verify their reading we had left in the Book of Mormon. They´re 13 and 14 years old and very outgoing, confident, think they´re all that kind of girls. haha. Well, they tell us, the truth is we aren´t interested in any of this, so don´t waste your time with us. So we talk to them a bit to see if we can change their minds and testify to them, but it´s not going anywhere. So then, we ask to talk to anyone else in the home to see if they´re interested. They say yes, just a minute wait right there, close the door shut, lock it and yell out Chau Hermanas! My companion and I just looked at each other. The two girls felt like they had accomplished an awesome practical joke. We then go up to the next floor to visit another investigator we have in the same building and a couple minutes later we hear them come out and say, hey they left!
Another funny story, that is when this lady offered us tea, and she was definitely not all there in the head... we did explain to her and everything but, long story short we dumped it out the window of the 6 story building. Well, that´s about it for now.
Have a great week! I love you all!
Hermana Jones

1- everyone in the mormon party bus headed to church, now that we go to a different chapel we all have to take the same bus at the same time since it´s further away
2- bautismo!
3- bautismo!

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