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lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Qué tal familia!? Well, all is well here. Ezequiel got confirmed yesterday, and it was awesome. He said he felt an immediate difference. Yesterday we taught a family that he found for us, that was pretty cool and they said they´re going to go to church on sunday! We need to get more investigators in church. I´m tired of having 2 or so, I want to get up past 5 or so.

Last monday I got my hair trimmed. Finally. It was the first time in the mission. I also got a perm straight, to try it. It actually turned out pretty good. Now my hair is straight, and the only maintenance is you have to blow dry it when it gets wet. That will probably last about 5 months or so, so about til I get home. My hair is getting super long, it looks even longer now that it´s straight, even though I cut it. I think it´s lots cheaper here too. The only down side is the lady burned my head, because the chemicals are strong and she has to blow dry it lots, so my scalp didn´t like that, but my hair is healthier than ever, because supposedly the chemicals help the hair.

This week we got fed ridiculous amounts of food, I´m going on a diet now. (That is pretty much impossible). Saturday for example, everyone we visited gave us food. We ate mondongo, chicken, rice, all sorts of stuff. Sometimes if it´s someone that knows us well, we can just say no, and they won´t get offended, but other times they do, so you always have to be really careful. Converts, investigators, everyone wants to feed us here. I need to lose some weight. Now I understand why Sister missionaries always gain weight on the mission. It´s harder than you would think to turn food down. It´s like turning service down and then they feel like they can´t ever help you again. Tough situation, but hey at least I don´t have to buy much food here... :)

So, it´s looking like this may be my last week here in Nuñez. In fact, I´d be really suprised if it wasn´t. I´m going to miss it here so much. I love my companion, I love the ward and the members. Even if capital is a little more difficult and the people aren´t as open and warm and friendly as they are in other areas, I have sure grown to love it. I just love saying hi to the same people in the street and talking to people and meeting new people. Nuñez has sure changed me. Just in this last week I learned so much about having a love for the people. The Lord loves the people, so why shouldn´t I? I feel like I learn life lessons everyday. Ezequiel told me I need to express my personal experiences more to investigators to help them gain a testimony instead of just testifying. I have lots of humbling experiences everyday, and that was definitely one of them... haha. I´m proud of him, he is becoming a great missionary already, and he still has a year before he will leave on his full time mission.

Well, who knows where I´ll be writing from next week, but I love you all and I hope you all have a safe and productive week.
Hermana Jones

PD: the pictures are:
- Sarita and the flower stand (that creeper in the back is Ezequiel) I have known Sara since february. She is a super nice Peruana that we are friends with.
-My new hair cut

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