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lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

First things first, happy birthday saturday Mom!!! I love you.

Well, I am being transferred to an area called Zarate. It is the furthest north area in the mission and I think it´s like 2 hours away from Capital. It is very rural I have heard, so it is going to be very different. I am very excited about that part. The not so exciting part is that we are opening a new area to sisters. There were Elders there before, and they´ve never had sisters there. To top it all off, I am training. I receive my new companion tomorrow. I don´t know where she is from yet, but I´ll fill you all in next week. I talked to President this morning and he says it was inspired and I´ll do great, however, needless to say, I am a little bit nervous right now and I think this will be a huge learning experience. I plan on finding a ward list somewhere in the apartment and hopefully finding out where the bishop lives and going straight to his house.

Everything went awesomely this week in Nuñez. We are having more success then ever before. We have 5 people we are teaching (at least) that are getting ready to be baptized and we had 5 investigators in the chapel, which for being in Belgrano in Capital is almost a miracle. They will be having lots of baptisms this coming transfer. Hna Reed will keep working with them. Her new companion is Hna. Cariola from Chile. They´ll be a good companionship. Hna. Cariola is quite different from me so I´m excited for Hna. Reed because she is going to keep learning a lot. She really has grown a ton. She has a lot of drive and really desires to have success.

My mind is pretty much blank as to everything else I was going to say this week. I am sure going to miss Nuñez. I loved the members and everyone I met there. Being there 6 months, I made a lot of friendships and met lots of people that I´m sure I´ll keep in contact with. Well, that´s pretty much all I´ve got for now. I am exhausted. Oh, and this week the lock on our apartment door broke and we didn´t get in to the apartment til 12am that night, not last night but the night before. That was a pain. Also, last night because of transfers I was up packing. I think I´m going to go sleep now. Also, I´ve had a bad cold all week I´ve been fighting.

I love you all!
Hermana Jones

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