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martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Well, this week went well. Ricardo went to church again and accepted to get baptized the 12th! Now we just need to teach him a few more things and have his interview. Maria del Carmen gets baptized this weekend! It was announced and everything. She quit her job to be able to go to church on sundays. I am so happy for her. She has so much faith. She knows and confides in the Lord. She knows it will all turn out well. We still haven´t had interviews with Pres. I hope this week we have them, and we get mail too! Who knows, we will see. I can´t believe how fast this transfer has gone by. I think it ties for the fastest transfer ever. My other fastest was the transfer I was with Hna. Rivera. I can´t believe only 2 more weeks. I think I´ll be here again next transfer, but if not I´ll still probably only have one more area. You never know.

I´m glad you´re all enjoying the cabin! You should send me some pics of Trevor getting air on the table top jump on his dirtbike. Sounds like he can probably already outride me!
Church yesterday was great. It was ward conference and I loved the classes and the talks. I feel like I came away having learned a lot and wanting to keep learning and being better all the time. RS/Priesthood was combined and it was a class by the stake president on missionary work. It was great. Sometimes we have a hard time in this ward, because the members are always super busy at work and or school. But, after the class 5 or 6 hermanos jumped up to meet Ricardo and I turned around and he was off by himself with the elders quorum president talking. He is getting a lot of fellowshipping and support from the members at church, which has helped a ton.

There was a talk in church yesterday that the bishop gave that I loved. He talked about how before the good comes, we always have to pass through the rough times. He gave lots of examples from the scriptures and even in Christ´s own life. When rough times come we have to endure and learn from it as quick as possible. He read a poem that talked about it as well. When we pray for things and how we see the trials come, that how we learn and develop the attributes we pray for. The trick is to learn quick and pick yourself up from it as quick as possible. To do that, we have to always have faith and a good, optimistic attitude. The Lord will always have blessing waiting, and we can progress and become better as we pass through the rough times. Many of the prophets were persecuted even until death, even Christ himself was. But, look at how great of people they were and now where they´re at. Especially Joseph Smith. Good examples to think about anyways.

I´m going to send a song, I love this version. Make sure you have some good bass going when you listen to it ;).

The pictures are:
familia Ogas (less actives)
estadio River Plate!!! Vamos River.

Hermana Jones

PS: There´re a lot of people I´ve written and need to send letters to. No worries, next monday I will be printing pictures and will get the letters in the mail finally! Sorry for the delay.

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