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lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Agustin got baptized! It was so great. The baptismal service started super late because there was a bit of confusion about who was going to fill the font, but it all turned out great! He is a son of a lady that was inactive in the ward. We started visiting them and got them going to church. Her son wasn´t baptized, so there you have it!
Ricardo went to church! Finally. He loved it too. I think he´ll be getting baptized in about 3 weeks. Hopefully Maria del Carmen will as well.
This week we spent most of the time searching for old investigators in the area book that have already gone to church. We had a cellphone conference with the entire mission this week. That was cool. There was about 170 people on the same call. We all connected as a district, then as a zone, then the zone leaders connected to the assistents. It was cool. Everyone had to have their phones on mute, and Pres was the only one who talked.
Well, today our apartment is getting some repairs done in the kitchen, so we have to go back to see how that´s coming soon.
Hna. Reed had her birthday this week. I suprised her for lunch on thursday and we met up with her favorite family in the ward at a super good ice cream place. I had the candles in my bag. I´ll send some pictures.
We should be having interviews soon and getting mail, but I still haven´t heard about that... I do know that tuesday Hna. Reed has to go to the mission offices to work on getting her Argentina ID. I did the paperwork for mine a long time ago but still haven´t received it. That´ll be cool to have when I finally do get it.
It´s been a fairly mild fall here. Not terribly cold. Yesterday we had a rain storm, but it wasn´t too bad. I´m thinking maybe this winter won´t be as crazy cold as last winter. We´ll see what happens.

Well, I need to go check on the worker guys and then I´ll be back to attach photos!

Ok I´m back, that was quick huh!? Well it is just across the street... Anyways, yesterday I was studying and made a few signs for the wall by my desk that I love. One of them is a list with the words to the song ¨More Holiness Give Me¨ I love that hymn. That and the other is the scripture Marcos 8:35 I think it is. That scripture not only can apply to missionary work but to every part of our lives. I encourage you all to think about that!

Hermana Jones

Hna. Payne! - I´m glad you got the letter. That stinks you can´t leave your area. I love you!

Kasey - Me encanta su nueva meta! Siga con eso. Yo justo esta semana estaba pensando mucho en eso. Yo tenia esa misa meta antes de entrar el CCM. Suerte con su trabajo y sus hermanos.

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