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lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

Well, this week went well. Maria del Carmen had her baptismal interview and she passed!!! Now we just have to wait til she quits her job on sundays, and she will get baptized. I think her baptism will be june 5th. Also, we have been working with a less active family and they have been going to church. The son, Agustin isn´t baptized yet so he gets baptized on saturday! It´s about time we got baptizing here!
Things with Hna Reed are going well. She is still learning spanish, and is very shy but it´s going well. This week we need to find lots of new investigators. We are still teaching Sara and things with her are going well. She went to church again yesterday. She has a hard time retaining and understanding what we teach her, but with lots of repetition, we´re getting there. Hopefully she can get baptized soon.
Last p-day we went a played soccer with the Elders and that was fun. We also went to Subway!!! I was so happy and it was so good. The Elders have one in their area.

Well, funny story. Yesterday there was a huge soccer game here. The two most famous teams in Argentina, both from here in Capital played eachother. Boca Juniors and River Plate The game was at 4. From 4-5 we were trying to teach and no one was letting us in! Also randomly two times in the street we heard screaming and yelling and GOOOOOOOOOOL. All in unison coming from the houses. That was funny. We knew how many goals were scored in that game. From 5-6 we gave up on trying to teach investigators and went to a big park and started contacting people. That was more effective, we found 2 new investigators haha.

Gross story. This week it started to cool down a bit, so I went to make hot chocolate with some cocoa powder my old comp left. Well it was full of small worm looking bugs. They I looked and realized that almost all of the food in there, spices and things like that were full of them. Needless to say, we threw away all the food that we hadn´t just bought on monday.

Other than that not too much is new. Working on getting people to church, and trying to keep working with members! I love this work. The time is flying by. I can´t believe that in a month Hna. Rivera and Lyons will already be home.

Oh, by the way, this week is my companions birthday, the 19th. She turns 23. I haven´t had a single companion younger than me. I think for lunch (because we actually don´t have lunch with members that day) I am going to tell her favorite family in our ward to meet us at an ice cream place at a certain time and make it be a suprise. Good thing I still have the candles from my birthday!

Enjoy the pictures!
Hermana Jones

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