Hermana Jones

Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Hola!This week was much better than the first two weeks. We had a lot more lessons and our numbers were much better. Also, we have investigators that are progressing towards baptism. We have one with a date for the 13th but she has to quit smoking first, so we are working hard with her. Also the other day we found a girl thats 21 that was a reference from a member and she is great. She will be baptized too once she goes to church for 3 weeks. Also, right now we are working with lots of part member families and lots of less active families. Also, we are trying to get lots of references from members and find new investigators that way, it seems that we have more success with references. The members here are great. I feel like I already know the members and the area here better than Vicente López when I left it. I already know the streets and I have met and know most of the members that are active. I get to speak in church next sunday! woohoo. haha. I never had to speak or anything at all in Vicente López. It is VERY different here. I love it. It is much less dangerous here than in Buenos Aires from what I´ve seen and heard too. I can carry my triple (scriptures) with me here and not worry about it getting stolen which is nice. before I just carried a blue Book of Mormon.This week we had a crazy wind storm and there were some houses destroyed. There were winds of over 100km/h. Pretty crazy. I feel like it is getting slightly warmer here. Summer is coming! It´s still cold, but I am definitely getting used to it. I prefer this over super hot and humid summer in Buenos Aires!That is a bummer about the packages. I guess in the future if people want to send me packages they have to send them to Sister Gulbrandsen. Sorry for the trouble it´s caused any that have sent packages in the last little while. I will probably receive mail in 2ish weeks and then I will let everyone know what I received. Thanks for the support!My companion is doing well. She finished next transfer right after Christmas. Her family wants her to be home for Christmas really bad, and every week email her asking her to do something about it. I feel bad, because she can´t and she wants to stay here anyway. This transfer ends the 16th of November and the next transfer ends the 29th of December. I don´t think I´m going anywhere anytime soon though... :) Moroni 10 :32 - come unto Christ! Also, always be an example of the believers. The members have a huge influence on the investigators.Love,Hermana Jones

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