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martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Hola!!! Get out your maps/globes, drum roll!!!!! I am in USHUAIA! The furthest south you can go! The end of the world! I am on the southern coast of the Tierra del Fuego. There are tons of mountains and it is beautiful here! There are only 2 areas with Hermana in the south. Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) and Rio Gallegos (Santa Cruz). I will definitely have to send pictures next week. It is amazing. Also, turns out I won´t be having summer after all, as it is cold here year round! Woohoo! Winter in Utah, winter in Buenos Aires, now Ushuaia! This is the same area that Hermana Tejada came from, and she LOVED it. She was always telling me how great it is here. How the members are awesome, the area is a TON smaller which will be nice. There are hills and mountains everywhere and snow!!! I will probably have to buy some boots. I got a call last night just after 10pm saying I would be picked up this morning at 7:30 am to catch a 10 am flight! Here I am. The flight was just over 3 hours long. Anyways, more to come next week about the area and all! As far as mail and everything, it´s all the same. Then forward our mail here from the offices, so no worries. Hermana Tejada is staying in Vicente López for her last transfer and she is training again! She was a great companion, I learned a TON from her. Whoever she is training is very lucky! She dropped me off at the airport this morning.My companion´s name is Hermana Mora. She is from Mexico and doesn´t speak any English! Woooh. Goodbye English. I will have to rely on my dictionary if I don´t know words now more. She seems really nice.This week was incredible! Last sunday, we had lunch with a family in our ward, and who was a non-member relative that lives with them. We talked with him a bit and committed him to be baptized the 10th of October. We set another appointment for saturday because he works every day of the week, and then he told us he had to go out of town the weekend of the 10th. So, I asked him if he would be baptized the next day, the 3rd, because it was the only day that worked before his trip. At first he was like what!? That´s way too soon. We continued to testify and then we said ok, you are going to say a prayer right now and ask. We knelt, and it was the most spiritual experience I have had yet on my mission. He started praying and he simply asked specifically if he should be baptized the next day. Then there was silence for a good 2-3 minutes (not exaggerating). Then he said ïn the name of Jesus Christ amen¨. The Spirit was so strong, and he truly had faith and real intent. The Hermana his cousin, was in tears and we sat down and he said, tomorrow I will be baptized. It was amazing. He got baptized the next day in between conference sessions! I will send pics next week, I forgot my cord. Conference was awesome! Saturday we watched in English because we didn´t have investigators there, but Sunday in Spanish because we had investigators there. I loved the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf.Well, gotta go! Have a great week all and I´ll fill in more details next week!Love,Hermana Jones
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