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lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010


This week was great! Maria is getting baptized the 11 of september, I think I messed up the date in the last email, but its a week from saturday. She is so sweet. She asks us to call her grandma. She is 80 years old. She told us how happy the Book of Mormon makes her feel and how great it is and how true it is. She is a golden investigator! I can´t wait til her baptism! I am counting down the days! The first time we taught her was very memorable. She asked Hermana Tejada to do up her bra, because she couldnt do it up herself. I won´t ever forget Hermana Tejada´s face. That´s the one time I´ve been grateful my spanish skills lack, because otherwise she might have asked me! She is hilarious. She told me yesterday that Hermana Tejada is like my mom. Which is true. They call your trainer your mom, and if you train someone they´re your daughter. Anyways, she is great.

This week we found lots of new investigators and dropped old ones that weren´t progressing. This morning, we had to go to Belgrano to the Doctor. My companion is having back problems. I hope it gets better for her!
I heard Utah is now in the Pac 10!? That cant be true is it?

What else, well things are going well. I was sick a couple weeks ago, but I´m good now. I had a cold. The springtime weather is quite nice.

My companion has one more transfer after this one, so she is basically a year ahead of me in her mission. She will probably have one more companion after me for one transfer. I will probably be transfered next transfer somewhere else, but who knows. We have a few weeks before that comes! She is a great companion. She is constantly striving to improve and she is a great example. Also, her spanish is so good. Most people we talk to think she is from here. Me on the other hand... haha. Sometimes people don´t even understand me haha. Oh well, it´ll come.

This week I have been studying the Plan of Salvation a lot. I love it. The more I study it, the more I realize how great and perfect of a plan it is. Also, without Christ, we are nothing!

Today, we are going to buy groceries and relax. It should be nice!

Sounds like Katie got all moved in nice and school is starting up again! I feel like I completely skipped summer, because I did haha so it seems weird everyone is starting school again! That´s cool you guys saw Kasey! Good luck with school everyone!! I´m glad everyone is doing well!

Hermana Jones
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