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lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

This week went well! I do have some kind of sad news, our investigator who was supposed to get baptized this week, well, we couldn´t get her to church yesterday, so we have to postpone her baptism til at least Sunday, we will see. We are going to visit her tonight and try to set another date (Sunday I hope). I am a bit nervous for that.

Today for pday we went to Villa Ballester and played fútbol (soccer) as a district! It was really fun. This transfer we got transferred to a new district (the other district in our zone). They are all fun. Then after we went and ate Pizza Libre! (all you can eat). I am stuffed.

This week we had the pleasure of experiencing the tempesta de Santa Rosa! Supposedly it´s a famous storm they have every year the same week, and it´s like a tropical storm. So it rained like crazy and was super windy all week. Also, some flooding. If that happens again, I will probably invest in some rain boots. It was nuts, but today is super nice and sunny. Also, warmer, last week was a little cold. Spring doesn´t officially start til around the 20th.

Crazy all the MWC changes happening! It will be really different by the time I get back! Also, my companion may be going home after this transfer. She doesn´t know. The zone leaders told her this is her last, but she thinks they might be joking. She hopes she has one more! She is going to call tonight and find out. Also, her parents told her she is coming home in october, which would mean this is her last transfer. Her 18 months is up half way through the next transfer, so it could go either way.

We did get one of our investigators to church this week, and we did put 3 other baptismal dates for the end of the month with 3 of our investigators, so I hope those go through! All the dates we´ve had have not gone through thus far ( we haven´t had any baptisms) so I hope all goes well. We are praying and working hard for baptisms. We have a great area. It is the biggest in the mission and has some of the wealthiest areas. Also, some fairly poor areas, but I have faith the Lord will help us bring people to baptism!

Great news, because my companion is a ¨leader¨ we get to go to a conferencia for leaders in the mission again this week! It is tuesday through friday from 10-3. Those are awesome because I learn a ton, and we get really good free lunch!

The español is coming. I can understand much better every week, and the speaking is coming, slowly, but coming. I just have to make myself speak up more! Which I am doing better and better.

Hope school this week goes well for everyone! Thanks Katie and Kasey for the pictures! and Dad! Looks like everyone is doing well! There is no USB connector on this computer, but hopefully soon I´ll try and email pictures home.

As life gets busy because school is starting again remember, Alma 37:37!

Hermana Jones
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