Hermana Jones

Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Hola mi familia, well, the enter button doesn't work on this computer, so sorry about that. This was a great week. I got a new mission call. I have been called to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aires North mission, spanish speaking. :) This one was signed by Pres. Monson. I asked the general services and they called church headquarters and had a new one sent, it came the next day, talk about quick. Today we get a bunch of mission presidents for the presidents seminar. They are here through Sunday as far as I know. Pres. Krueger (my branch pres..) said my topic for my talk on sunday changed to the Atonement, but then it changed back. So as of now I think I'm still speaking on the restoration. and yes, It's in english. Last sunday, Sis. Payne got called to speak, and she had written her talk in english and I translated it for her because she ran out of time, so the talk she gave was written by me. Saturday, the provo temple closed for cleaning for 5 weeks, which is a bummer because that means that last week was the last time I get to go to the temple for a long time. I also heard that the Buenos Aires temple is not currently operating. someone should check on that for me. Mom, you should add paragraphs in here since I can't before you send this out, it confuses me and I'm the one writing it! On the bright side, we get to clean the temple for 4 hours on our p-days instead! That will be cool. Relief Society on sunday was great, we had Bonnie D. Parkin speak to us. She is very energetic. Both the firesides and devotional this week were also great.The MTC is pretty busy and full right now. We have like max capacity missionaries and then the mission presidents are all coming so lots of the cafeteria is blocked off and lines are extra long.. it is pretty cool though that we will have GA's here all week! I'll have to let you know next week if I have any sightings.. Friday we have a special devotional. My comp sis. Wheeler is in the special choir and she sings for the mission presidents and GA's everymorning starting tomorrow, but Sis payne and I aren't allowed to go.. She did say though that she knows the schedule of who is here and everything for the week, and so I think for our devotional friday it will be someone really awesome.. Also, sunday we will have someone in the mission conference..I'll let you know how all of that goes next wednesday I guess! I just saw Christian Rennie a little bit ago.. He is going to Uganda English speaking.. He leaves a week before I do to go to Uganda.. Well, things here are still going great! I love it here! Quote of the week: "The Lord will not force you to learn, you must exercise your agency to authorize the Lord to teach you." -Elder Richard G.. Scott Mom, thanks for the package! I'm glad kids day was fun.. I hope you all had a great father's day! Teaching in the TRC this week was good, but my comp's didn't like it too much. We teach only in spanish now, and it is hard because we can't say everything we can in english, and it is hard to explain things.. Especially when the investigator has questions. Spanish is harder for them and so I have to help and encourage them a lot, because they have a hard time with it. It will only get better though.. We got really good at teaching in english. Hermano Del Toro one of our TRC teachers told us that the lessons we've been giving our investigator Gabriel were the best lessons he's ever seen given in the TRC, and that we were doing great.. But then spanish teaching came along and it's a whole different story. haha.. In spanish I have learned all the tenses and how to conjugate everything that we are going to learn, now I just have to practice using it as much as possible and learn more vocab so I can say more. I am so excited to go to Argentina, but I don't feel ready either! It's a good thing I have 2 1/2 more weeks to learn more spanish! Well, I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for all the letters and support! I get my travel plans a week from tomorrow and find out the status of my visa. Keep that in your prayers, two sisters got reassigned this week to other missions because their visas to Argentina were delayed. As of now, I leave the MTC July 12th. From what I heard the flight with layovers is roughly 18 hours to Buenos Aires! That is going to be a long day! The church is true! Love, Hermana Jones

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