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miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

Despite being sick, I think this was my favorite week yet! I will send pictures home soon! I am finally starting to get better. I haven't been that sick in a really really long time!
This week I saw Amanda Lovejoy from Port Orchard, she is going to Orlando, FL ASL mission. I have also seen Kyle Corbitt a few times! He seems to be doing well his first few days here!

Our Devotional and Firesides this week were incredible!
Yesterday for devo we heard from Bradley D Foster of the second quorum of the seventy. It was the best talk I've heard here yet! He talked about how Satan wants to trick us and make us think we are nothing. He talked a lot about or divine potential and who we are as sons and daughters of God. I have many great quotes I wrote down throughout the day yesterday that'll I'll include in the end if I have time!

In the MTC we teach a lot! We have the opportunity to teach to others needs. We were given an assigned sister/elder and told to pray and follow the spirit and prepare a message to teach to their needs. The Elder that taught me, Elder Taylor in my district was inspired! He even said that he completely changed the message he originally prepared for me as we were walking to our zone meeting where we would be teaching eachother!

I haven't had to speak in church yet, but I heard rumor I might this sunday for the Zone leaders. We will see, I think they may have been trying to scare me! However, Hermana Payne, who I LOVE, had to give the closing prayer in spanish and she was so nervous! I have never seen someone so nervous about saying a prayer! She couldn't even sing the closing hymn she was so scared!

This week, today, we are getting a new district in our zone! That means we will have 4 districts in our zone, and we won't be the youngest anymore! It's hard to believe I'm starting my 4th week here! Also, we get another one next week! Then the week after the oldest district in our zone, my favorite district (the other Hna's district) leaves. We are getting a new trio of hermanas in that new district today too, but they'll be sleeping in a different room, because we only have one open bed in our room.

Thanks Katie, Melina, and Trevor for the letters! Also, Katie for the graduation announcement! That's so exciting! Thanks also mom for the letters and for the card, it made my day!

This week in the TE we taught our "progressing investigator" for the first time. Her name is Paola and she is from Mexico. I can't wait to teach her more! In the TRC, we contacted in spanish and talked about the importance of families. We also taught the first lesson in English again. This week in the TRC we are following up with commitments with investigators on a "bus" and teaching the second lesson in english. Those spanish tasks in the TRC are one of my favorite things to do! I love it! Also, we signed up to teach Hna. Rex the second lesson to practice in the TE next week!

Our district is becoming much closer and much more unified! It was shaky at first, but it is getting so good! We had a great discussion in our district meeting last night about tender mercies and I know that the Lord is there right besides us and will never leave us! I have seen miracles happen here in the MTC! It is incredible! We discussed in class earlier yesterday about other worlds, and had some deep discussion, and then the devo last night was about that and about how we may feel insignificant, but we aren't. We are children of our Heavenly Father with a purpose!

Some great quote and things I heard this week:

"Things of the world are sweet, but never satisfy."
"The Lord knows us well, he has custom designed our curriculum." -Elder Maxwell
"When our validation and successes come externally, we can necer have enough." -Elder Foster
"It's not what happens to us, but how we deal with what happens to us that matters." -Elder Foster
"You are a daughter of God, do not let anyone tell you otherwise."
"Missionary work is a manifestation of our spiritual identity." -Elder Bednar

My favorites:
"When you serve others, lose yourself in the work, and you will find yourself."
"Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking of ourselves less."
"When you study you are the Lord's investigators."
"I may have changed according to the world, but I'm finally becoming what I used to be."

I love serving the Lord, and my testimony grows so much every day! I am so grateful for the Atonement. Without it, we would have no hope. I am learning to be patient and to rely on the Lord, it is vital to missionary work!

Hermana Jones

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