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miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010


This has been the best week yet! (Yes, I know I say that every week). I can't believe it's been a whole month. I'm still getting over whatever it is I got 2 weeks ago, but hopefully soon I'll be completely better.
First off, I just barely got a ready Rachelle's letter and the pictures, thank you so much, that made my day!!! I love the one of Courtney in Jerusalem!
Also, Courtney, thanks for you email and support! That quote that you said was your favorite was my favorite as well!
Congrats also to Aubrey this week!
Thanks for all the letters and packages!

Well, my quote of the week for all of you is, "there is nothing you gave up of greater importance than what you will give (on your mission)." -Elder Robert D. Hales.
That's right! Elder Hales came last night and spoke to us for devotional! We got great seats, and after as he was leaving we were watching him leave outside and he waved and said, "HEART, MIGHT, MIND, and STRENGTH!" It was so cool!
Supposedly we have been and will have tons of GA's because of the time of year with mission conference and mission presidents coming in the next few weeks. Anyways, he spoke on the light of Christ. It was so good!

This past week we got the new district with 2 new Hermanas! They are awesome. One of them LOVES GUATEMALA and has been there three times doing volunteer work! She actually went right before I did and volunteered in the same school in Patzicia! She said when they went they built the sports court, which had just been built when I went! It is so fun talking to her! She is going to serve in Albequerque, NM. We are getting a new district today, but no new Hermanas. The oldest district in our zone which has the other 2 Hermanas that you may have seen in pictures, they leave this week :(. Those Hermanas are going to Washington DC North, they'll be part time proselyting and part time visitors center. We will miss them.

On that note, Sunday our Branch Pres. called me to be the coordinating sister. For those who don't know, that just means I'm in charge of all the Hermanas in the zone/branch. Almost like the Relief Society Pres. I have meetings every tuesday night, and branch counsel on sundays. Also, whenever we get new district the zone leaders and I are in charge of giving them orientation and tours and getting them all settled. Isn't that crazy?! I feel like I just got here and now I have to help others who really are just getting here. The zone leaders are also changing since the oldest district is leaving and the new ones are awesome. I'm really excited. So for a few days we will have 5 districts in our zone, but then the oldest one will leave. The two new ones, ours, and the one that's one week older than we are here. This week we also had our DL (district leader) changed. Now it's Elder Smith, which is not what I expected, but it is so awesome! He has really changed and I love it.

My companions are both doing awesome. Being in a trio has taught me a ton, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. They both bring so much to our companionship and I learn so much from them everyday. They often remind me of Katie and Melina, and when they do, I see tender mercies from the Lord. I love them!
I see answers to my prayers all the time here, it is incredible! The Lord answers prayers in His way and time, that's for sure. One day I was praying about something, and one of my companions answered that prayer. She doesn't know it, but she did. It was when she was saying a prayer in our comp study or some time and what she said in her prayer was exactly what I needed to hear. It is amazing how the Lord works.

This week, I have been studying the Atonement and the Resurrection and Spirit World a ton. Our TRC teaching went really well this past week. We taught the 2nd lesson and our task was to ask about how reading and praying went in spanish. This week we have to teach how to pray and about prayer in spanish, and teach the second lesson again in English. Then starting next week, solo espanol!!! Saturday, we had what we called SUPER SABADO DEL ESPANOL!!! (imagine that said over a loud speak by a soccer, (futbol) announcer). It was super saturday of spanish. In our district we could only speak spanish. Our teachers taught in all spanish too. I loved it. My companions not so much, but it will come :).

Also this week, we started teaching a new progressing investigator in the TE. His name is Gabriel Lopez, he lives in Buenos Aires. He needs to gospel, but he is going to be hard to teach we can tell already. Two other companionships of Elders in our district are teaching him already and they always come back discouraged after teaching him haha. It should be a great challenge!

Well, I don't have too much else out of the ordinary to say. Everyday is pretty similar, but it never gets old because I get to focus on the gospel 24/7!!
Personal Study has become my favorite thing ever! I'd like to share something I studied today.

In Moroni 10:32 I love when it says "COME and unto Christ, and BE perfected in him". If you will notice, as I did an hour or so ago, that is in the present tense! Do you know what that means!? You can BE perfected in Him now! Use the Atonement! "by my grace ye may be perfect in Christ". La iglesia es verdadera, No?!

Hermana Jones

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