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lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Well, this week we found lots of new investigators so that´s the good news. We are struggling to get them progressing. Getting people to church is rough, but I know we can do it! We just have to keep on working!


Anyways, we visited Carlina, a grandma in our ward and she took us out right then and there to visit her friends. That was cool. She is funny.

We have a mission rule that our cell phones have to be in our ´socks´ for safety, but that doesn´t work so well as sisters. I sent a pic.
It´s almost september, I can´t believe how fast time flies!
It is starting to get quite a bit warmer out now. Yesterday I just wore a sweater. It´s crazy how fast and drastically the weather changes day to day. Last week it was super cold as you can see from the picture.

This week we had interviews with President. That was great as always. I love all there is to learn. We practices asking for references and this week after that we have received so many that we don´t have time to contact them all. Pretty awesome.
This week I studied 1 Kings 17. I love this chapter when the widow and her son are about to die. When they give the last bit of their food to a servant of the Lord. He even asks to be served first. They then see the blessings. The Lord requires sacrifice to be able to bless us. Many people do not understand that concept, but I know the Lord always comes through. This past sunday in church there were double the members (51) in attendance than from the first week I was here (23). I am happy to see progress. Little by little. Now I am just dying to baptize!

Well, hopefully everyone has a great week!
Hermana Jones

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