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lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

Well, this was a long week, but all is going well. I have no clue what happened to Ivana but we haven´t seen her since wednesday. I think her Mom got into her head or something, but I hope that after her surgery she decides to talk to us again.

Yesterday was Kid´s Day here in Argentina!!! They have huge partys in parks and places like that for all the kids. It was kind of crazy. Yesterday was kind of a slow day, we were having a hard time finding investigators to teach, especially since this past week almost all of our investigators dropped us. Then a miracle happened. We decided we needed to visit a lady we had contacted last week and she invited us in. It was great. We taught an entire lesson and it is incredible what questions she had. We put a baptismal date with her and her son, so now we just need to get them to church. She asked why they are so many churches and said there should be one true path. Also, she wanted to know how the truth could be brought back to it´s perfect form if so many people have gone changing things and doing things how they want. She said that she doesn´t go to church and doesn´t want to go to a church, because she feels closer to God in her own home and doesn´t feel like going to something created by men is going to help her. She´s golden. She still has tons of doubts and questions, but hey, we have someone interested!

This week we had leadership training at the mission offices and we also had our district meeting in San Pedro, which is close to the mission Rosario. (It borders it) That was fun. Lots of traveling. I got mail too! Thanks for the letters!
Also, thanks Fergusons and the YW for the package! This week we have interviews with President. I am excited for that. He always makes you feel so good and inspires you to do better.
This week I was thinking about my level of dedication to the work and in general. It is so important to dedicate everything, all I have to the Lord. I always felt like I was pretty dedicated to the Lord, but I know I can do better.
Well, today I am going to write lots of letters, today the mail place won´t be open since yesterday was a holiday, but check your mail boxes in a few weeks!

We still haven´t moved. The offices are kind of slow in telling us what to do and if they have figured things out yet, but I´m sure since it´s almost the end of the month, they will tell us soon when we´re moving. Our apartment is gross, and full of bugs, so I look forward to moving with great anticipation! But hey, we have bikes, I can´t complain!

Everything is going great with the bikes! It sure made me sore the first few days, but now I feel much better. Don´t worry I´m getting in some good curb hopping and there´s even a good decent on a very rocky, dirt road down to a villa where I can practice the braking application and having my weight back over the rear tire. :) We sure do get some funny looks because first of all, we bike in skirts, and second of all bike helmets pretty much don´t exist here. Everyday someone asks us why we use a helmet. I learned I have good reflexes as I almost had an movie like accident when we were biking down a busy street ¨downtown¨when a parallel parked car door opened right in front of me as I was going top speed. Luckily I swerved.

Well, this week should be pretty awesome! I´ll keep you all updated! I love you all!

Hermana Jones

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