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lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

Hola familia!
Well, this week was pretty hectic but all is going great. We were informed this week we have to move as our contract in our apartment ends this month. So, we had to find a house and move by the end of the month. I wasn´t sure what to do since first of all, we´re new here in Zarate and second, I have never had to find a house to live in in a foreign country... haha. Well we are still in the process, but I think we found a nice little house thats brand new that the offices will approve. The rent is super cheap too. $250 a month.

Anyways, we finally had investigators in church! If all goes as planned Sunday, Ivana will be baptized. She is an investigator we found week before last. Her brother Diego is a little bit handicapped mentally and wants to get baptized too, but their mom won´t let him, she is super catholic. Pray for Ivana. Also the next day she goes in for surgery to get kidney stones removed or something like that.

We got the bikes finally!!! I´ll send some pictures. Also, monday we went to the river and used the elders bikes that we transferred to some other elders that didn´t have bikes. I´ll send pictures of that too.
We are planning an open house in the chapel, and for that we are going to make some big posters about families and we decided it´s better to use actual pictures of actual members (mostly less active and converts) to get people interested. So we have been taking lots of pictures the last couple weeks.

All is going better and better each week, now I just want to get people baptized already!!!


Melina - enjoy your party!!!
Katie - enjoy your lack of wisdom tooth ;) sorry I won´t be there this time to change the gause

Hermana Jones

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