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lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

This week went quite well I would say. My companion is pretty awesome. She is super super chilena. She is changing my accent a ton! She has a way of telling people they need to repent and go to church without offending, but she is super direct and teaches with so much love and with the spirit. I love her. I am already learning so much from her. She is honestly changing my mission. I know without a doubt we are going to have so much success and I feel like personally I have changed so much just in 2 weeks being with her. This week she put her first baptismal date. She was super nervous but she did it soooo well. We have a great companionship and she really likes me and looks up to me, which I find funny because she is the one doing the training... Anyways.

Great news, I know you were all dying to hear. Today we took out the money to get our awesome single speed, back peddle braking bikes. Im not sure what day, but this week we will have bikes!! I am so excited. Its been way too long. I will send pics of that for sure next week! We will be the only sisters on bikes in the whole mission! Our zone is the only zone I think with bikes. Love it!

Yesterday the funniest thing happened. Well, I thought it was funny anyways... We went to go visit Gustavo and Luisa (a mom and her paralyzed son) who we are teaching. They are super cool and open with us. We got there are there was who we thought was their friend, Esperanza there. We start talking to her, super nice, she tells us she always wanted to be a missionary and dedicate her time to serving the Lord. We were about jumping out of our seats excited to share the book of mormon with her and tell her how she could. We start to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and she starts asking a bunch of questions comparing it to the Bible, then suddenly gets up and says shes going to be late and runs out of the house. On her way out she says to Luisa, how could you do this to me? You guys betrayed me! and she slams the door. Hna. Malhue and I were so confused. Then Luisa and Gustavo tell us she was a Jehovahs Witness missionary. hahahaahahaaa. I had no idea. I thought we were going to have a baptism for sure, but no not even close haha. Usually its easy for me to spot them and tell who they are but she was not your typical JW missionary. Anyways... Thats the funny story for today. I think were going to go explore by the river today. I love Zarate. Its super chill and the members are great.

This week my companion shared an awesome scripture with me that we are using ALL the time. Ether 12:4. It is so great. Its so perfect for our area. We have to have the hope for a better world and I love how it anchors us and keeps us firm and strong. Our ward is really suffering. All the less actives are offending. No one likes the bishop, there are so many problems. The counselors in the bishopric are inactive, if that tells you anything... and theyre RMs. We just have so much work to do, and so little time. We have to change the culture in this ward, change the way they think, because just 3 or 4 years ago it wasnt how it is now. There was lots of active members, lots of activities and lots of happiness. We are now planning an open house in the chapel and its going to be the best open house ever.

Oh and this week we ate liver. It wasnt too bad.

Tomorrow for district meeting we have to go to San Pedro which is another 2 hours north. The district leader Elder Beck was nice to come here for 2 weeks since we are new and learning everything, but now we get to go up there. I am excited. Well, I love you all so much!!! I will write more next week and send pics.

Hermana Jones

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