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lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Well we had a pretty good week. I loved zone conference. We have a new way to count references and contacts so now we are contacting like crazy all the references we have received. (it works huh!) I got some good mail as well. Thanks Kasey, Mom, and Brittney!!! I Loved the packages and the millions of reeses. I haven´t seen so many reeses in my life. and Cadbury eggs. Everyone was thinking alike on that one! More like you both just know me well haha. Brittney thanks a million for the letter! I already wrote you back this morning, I just need to get the letter in the mail. Also, thanks for the music mom. I have a new appreciation for efy cds. It was fun to hear the one from the first year I went to efy with Shannie. haha. We´re enjoying that.

For last p-day we went and cooked some peruana food that was super good and had a picnic with the district in the park. Then we played soccer at the church. The church parking lots here double as soccer courts and are more used for soccer than for parking cars! Saturday (my birthday) the Elders (Johnson and Leon) called and sang me happy birthday early. That was funny. Then we had a stake service project. I got to wear pants almost all day! That was the most I´ve worn pants in the whole mission since p-day we can´t unless we´re playing sports or doing service. The service project was painting a school. It was fun. Because I am pretty tall here I painted on ladders the upper parts of the walls. Around 4 we left and went to our lunch appointment with the Contreras family (Peru) and that was fun. We had gone to the service project with Gimena (daughter). The mom made my favorite peru food which was the same thing we made monday with Elder Leon. Papa a la Huancaina. Maybe Mary Esther or Dan has tried it? Anyways then we ate cake. She made me a huge cake. It was chocolate with orange jelly and with peaches and grapes on top. They eat lots of fruit with their desserts here. It was good. Then we went home, changed and went to work.

I took lots of pictures this week, so I´ll send a few emails. Thanks to everyone for all the emails and letters, keep them coming I love hearing from everyone! The work here is going well, we just have to keep at it and I know that someone will progress to baptism soon! Today we are going to el centro to go shopping and see more cool stuff with the Elders. I hope everyone has a great week!

Hermana Jones

-É Leon adding the ají to the sauce. picante!
-the district eating in the park about to go play soccer

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