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lunes, 25 de abril de 2011

This week went great. We are seeing progress at last! We ¨put in the batteries¨ (nos pusimos las pilas) (a saying meaning we got to work) and involved the members way more. Every lesson this past week with a member present, and way more lessons than normal! Our zone leaders didn´t believe us when we reported our numbers last night. We are seeing the results. David is going to get baptized! Also, Maria del Carmen will get baptized soon. Also we had a new investigator at church that has lots of interest. Her name is Sonia. Monday we have transfers. This week is going to be crazy.

Other than that, not too much is going on. Oh crazy story. Sunday in relief society we were with Maria del Carmen and Sonia. The lesson was on tithing. Maria del Carmen always likes to raise her hand and participate, which is good sometimes... All through the lesson she made great comments and tied things the teacher said back to the Book of Mormon citing scriptures and everything. That was super impressive. However, at the end when the teacher said bishops and leaders don´t receive money for their work it all goes to edifying the kingdom of God, oh boy. Maria del Carmen´s hand shot up and she basically said that in the Bible there´s a verse that says they get paid and that it´s not correct to make the leaders of the church work so much and sacrifice so much without being paid. The teacher didn´t know how to react. She is young and a new teacher. She basically shunned the question by saying it was off subject and didn´t have time or know how to answer it. Oh boy. Maria del Carmen did not like that response... Needless to say it took quite a few sisters in the ward who came and talked to her and apologized and made her feel better. Luckily she left church saying she wasn´t going to let something like that keep her from getting baptized. She does understand that we are all human. However, this week we have to teach her tithing again... and help her understand better how to participate without sounding well... crazy. We had already taught tithing and she had already understood what tithing funds are used for. I don´t know why she chose to voice her opinion so much then instead of when we were teaching her. How embarassing for us haha.

Easter here is a little different. They have semana santa which means holy week. They celebrate the whole week. They don´t work or go to school starting thursday (the day of the last supper). The easter bunny doesn´t exist here. Things don´t seem to be quite so commercialized. They do give eachother chocolate eggs as a gift. The eggs represent rebirth for the resurrection. In general holidays here they don´t do soo much and it´s not quite as exciting.

Anyways, other than that I have run out of things to say. I don´t know to be too boring haha. I´ll just send some pictures.

Hermana Jones

-Elder Leon with a billboard about ¨semana santa¨
-with flia. Llerena
-Luzde and I (flia Llerena)

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