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lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Well, this week was good. We did lots of service for investigators and members. In one investigators house, she used the excuse that she had to go clean her house before her husband got home, and didn´t have time to talk to us. So, we went in and cleaned. I washed dishes for literally an hour. My companion was cleaning the kitchen while I did that. The lady was a lot more receptive after that ;).

¿¡Qué tal conference!? I love conference in the mission. Unfortunately we didn´t have a single investigator there. We should have had lots there since there were 4 time options but we went and passed by every single one that said they were going to go, and they all had excuses not to go or weren´t there. That was a bummer, but a member from Belgrano brough her friends and introduced us to them, they live in our area. So we did get some new investigators there!
I loved all the talks, but I think my favorite was Elder Oaks when he talked about desires. But I liked all of them. I got to watch almost all of conference in english. I wasn´t going to get to, but then there was a girl from the US that was able to go on divisions with me while my companion was with the other hermanas (both latinas) in our zone. So I watched conference with the elders. We watched in through internet with a TV connected to the computer.

Well, I think we need to drop most of our investigators at this point. No one is progressing. Nicolas doesn´t even want to talk to us. Marcelo is still drinking. Maria del Carmen couldn´t go to conference because something came up in work. I still have faith that she will make it to her baptismal date the 23rd. Other than that, not too much is new here.

Oh for April Fools day our district leader got me good. He called in the morning right after comp study and said that he talked to the asistents and there was going to be some riots and civil unrest in our area because we have some goverment buildings. He said for 1-2 weeks our area was being closed and we were going to be split up and transferred to other areas. He said he didn´t know anything more than that and that the asistents would be calling me to let me know more. I hung up and explained this all to my companion in spanish, (because she didn´t understand it in english when he said it, we have a rule we have to speak english when with latinos) and just as I finished explaining he called back and said April fools. haha. I totally believed him.

This week the weather was nice! I finished the Book of Mormon again this morning in english and will finish it in spanish again this week too.

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoyed conference! I don´t have new pictures this week. This picture is from when I arrived in Nuñez, I can´t remember if I already sent it or not...

Hermana Jones

Kasey - the video is in a weird format and didn´t work, but thanks for trying!

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