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lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! It will be a pretty normal day, but I´m sure grateful for all the love and support! Today for p-day one of the Elders from Peru (Elder Leon) is going to make my favorite dish from Peru (papa a la huancaina) and we are going to play soccer at the church to celebrate.
This week was a little rough, but I know things will get better and we´ll get people progressing. We had to drop most of our investigators this week. No one was going to church and no one was progressing. Also we found out there´s an area in our area (barrio mitre) that is prohibited to enter, which I didn´t know. Most of our investigators lived there, so we are going to be kind of started over as far as a lot of things go this week. Maria del Carmen couldn´t make it to church yesterday because everyone from Peru had to go vote yesterday in the morning. They had elections and get fined if they don´t vote. Also she has lots of complications with her work right now. She is such a golden investigator but it´s hard because she is so stinking busy working and going to school full time.
Diego the grandkid of a member is going to get baptized soon. We just need to get the permission from his dad. We are working on that. It could be any day now...
Anyways, not too much is new. We have zone conference with Zona Norta (my first zone) on thursday. I am excited. I will get to see Hna. Campos again and receive mail. Not to mention the conference itself will be awesome and I will have lots more to repent of and improve I´m sure.
I can´t believe how fast the time is flying by. In one month I will complete a year in the mission and will only have 6 months left. I feel like I just started.
Well, in this email I don´t have new pictures but will send a song that I love and hope inspires you all!
Hermana Jones

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