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lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Well, this week wasn´t too out of the ordinary... still working, teaching, etc. :) Marcelo is still fighting his addiction and Nicolas still doesn´t want to be Mormon... but Maria del Carmen is progressing nicely, quit working sundays and made it to church yesterday! She gets baptized April 23rd. We are also teaching a kid named Diego. He is like 10 and his grandma is a member. He is now living with his grandma. He has all the lessons, church attendance, everything except the permission from his mom, so we are working on that. Hopefully we can get it and he will get baptized. This week we found a guy named David that accepted a baptismal date as well, but then he didn´t go to church on sunday. We are going to work more with him and hopefully he gets to conference saturday and sunday!

Speaking of conference I am excited! This time it will be all in spanish because my companion doesn´t speak english. A challenge for all of you: watch conference, every session, LIVE!

Funny story
So this week we were going to visit the Hurtado family. They´re less active. We were getting close to their house, rounded the corner, and the wife and son (11) were helping the dad climb a tree in the street in capital. That was a funny sight. We went and asked what they were doing. We looked up and there were 2 hens high up in the tree! Apparently their hens jumped off the roof of their house (2 stories) and were perched in the tree. The dad was lowering the hens and passing them to the son. As he was passing the second one it pooped all over the son´s face and in his mouth. How gross is that. He laughed. This family is from Peru in the jungle. Things like that don´t even phase them. I never carry my camera with me, only on p-day but it just so happened to be p-day when we passed by! There are lots of families from Peru here. The other photo is the Llerena family from Trujillo, Peru. They are awesome!

There is definitely no shortage of learning going on here... Yesterday was nuts. We teach a convert that has literally lost every family member she has. Her parents and all of her brothers and sisters. They were all tragic deaths, and all were young. Her last brother died recently (Nov.) in an accident and she saw him ripped apart and dying. Needless to say, she has a lot of emotional instability and needs lots of attention and lots of visits. Every day we talk to people who have experienced things or are going through different phases in their lives. It is incredible how different people live their lives. But it is cool that the Atonement makes everyone´s life better in whatever circumstances they may be in.

Well, I enjoy reading Hna Payne´s and Hna Pincock´s letters!
Kasey, don´t kill yourself with the front flips. ;)
Enjoy spring break! Enjoy Park City!

I love you all!
Hermana Jones

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