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lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Hola familia!
Well, this week was pretty good and pretty normal. I know you´re all dying to hear, we found the WALMART! It was in a MALL! I also got ice cream at Burger King! haha. We had stake conference this week, that went well. It is always good to hear from the leaders in the church! Nicolas now has gone to church 3 times and can get baptized! I wish it was as easy as that haha. We have a lot of work to do this week...

This morning my district leader called and Pres. invited me to the leadership training this transfer! That means this week we have training everyday from 10-4 starting tomorrow! It´s for zone leaders, district leaders, and trainers. I´m excited. It feels like just yesterday when I went with Hna. Tejada (my trainer). I´m sure next week I´ll have plenty to tell about that! To get there (the mission offices) we pass through Vicente López my first area because it´s just on the other side of Vicente López. That´ll be fun! And I´ll maybe get to talk to Hna. Rivera on skype because she´ll be attending from Ushuaia via skype I´m sure since she´s training as well. I think there will only be like 3 companionships of Hna´s there since hermanas never are district or zone leaders.

Everyone pray for Nicolas! He is facing lots of opposition and has a baptismal date for sunday. This past sunday after stake conference Palermo had a baptism and we got him and Melani to go to that, and he liked it and felt a lot better afterwards. Now we just need to go talk to his mom, avoid his step-dad and all will be well!

HNA. PAYNE!!! FELIZ CUMPLE! I think it´s your birthday today isn´t it? Well, thanks to Carnaval I can´t send out your letter today, but i´ll send it out next week... at least we found a place to do email today. I think Carnaval became a national holiday this year especially for you and to celebrate your birthday! Hang in there and keep working hard! I can´t believe you´re with your 2nd companion in your 2nd area still! Your pres. must make less changes at transfers! I am in my 3rd area with my 4th companion. In my mission sisters usually have between 3-5 areas, and the way things are going I´m guessing I´ll have 4 areas, in other words 1 more, but we´ll see... I love you!

Anyways, hope all is well whereever in the world you all may be! This week we focused on the Holy Ghost and always having the companionship of the Holy Ghost. I love D&C 11:12-14. We fasted as a mission and had a special/extra district meeting about it. Also we studied the talk by É Bednar called ¨Receive the Holy Ghost¨, it is vital in our lives to always have the Spirit with us!

Hermana Jones

1 & 2 Japonese garden
3 the lunch I made myself the other day when we didn´t have lunch. (yes mom! my tastes are changing, I now love tomatos and salad with tomato as pictured!)

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