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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Well this week was definitely out of the ordinary. I am so glad to hear that Rachelle is ok over in Sendai. If anyone hears anything more please let me know! I was definitely thinking and praying for her lots in the last few days.

Unfortunately, Nicolas still isn´t baptized, but we are working on it. He is listening more to his friends and the boyfriend of his mom that are telling him not to change religion. He informed us friday that ¨he doesn´t want to be Mormon¨. kind of a bummer, but he will get baptized. When, I don´t know.

Well, this week we had the leadership training. That went well. I loved it and feel like I learned a lot and came back with lots I can do better which is always good. After the first day, I couldn´t stop thinking about one of our investigators Marcelo and we took the train back to our area and went straight to his house. We applied everything we learned and practiced in the training and he accepted a baptismal date for the 20th! It was so awesome. Before, he always said someday I´ll get baptized. Now he has a day! His brother also was going to get baptized the 20th, but he didn´t go to church and so hasn´t attended enough to get baptized. Marcelo did go though, so that was good. He met the bishop, which was good and told him about it. I met the bishop this week as well, finally! He was in the US and then in Uruguay for work and vacation, but he returned this week. We made him a cake (when I say we, my companion) and visited his family. That was good because he told us about lots of the less actives and their situations.

We got mail this week since we went to the offices for the leadership training. Thanks to the Fergusons for the package! I LOVE Reeses. That is definitely my favorite kind of candy and they don´t have them here, so thanks a ton! Also, thanks to Heidi Pincock, Molly Peters, and Grandma (R) Holland for the letters! I will get writing and get you guys letters in the mail soon!

Today we are hanging out with the elders from our district in Juncal (another part of capital). We are going to go eat all you can eat pizza if it´s still open before the siesta and then we´re going to go shopping in this one street that´s foot traffic only and supposedly really cheap. Our district leader Elder Nelson goes home monday, so he wanted to go shopping to get stuff for his family and hang out with the district. Should be fun. Right now we´re in an internet cafe waiting for the other elders in the district in Palermo to get here. They´re doing visa stuff in Retiro (another part of capital).

The weather this week was wacky. It was super hot until friday. Way hotter than before. It was like 90 degrees when we got to our apartment at night, I can only imagine how high it was earlier in the afternoon but then saturday we had a huge storm. It rained a ton. I was wet clear through as I didn´t carry an umbrella. It was super winder and there was thunder and lightning too. It was a lot cooler too. It felt good. Today is back to normal. Not too hot, but warm I think spring is coming. By spring I mean fall haha whoops.

Well, thanks for all the support. Pray for Rachelle or should I say Sister Dotson. Transfers next week! I´m pretty sure I´ll be here again next transfer. My companion, who knows, but we´ll find out Sunday night! Chau!
Until next week!
Hermana Jones

Kasey - thanks for the email! I put a letter in the mail today.

Heidi (Sis. Pincock) - I love you! Thanks a bunch I got your 2 letters from the week of Christmas! Keep up the good work! Have your mom forward me your emails, she isn´t yet. haley.jones@myldsmail.net

Molly Peters - If you read this, thanks for the letter! I will write you back soon! Love ya.

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