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lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Well, this week was pretty normal but good. Thanks to hearing from Hermana Payne I had nightmares that I got lice. It is a very possible reality. I have seen the lice on people´s heads... Also there is no shortage of cockroaches and mosquitos here!
Last p-day we went to a Japanese garden in Palermo and it reminded me of Rachelle in Japan! It was a beautiful garden. We went with the elders in our district. I will send pictures. The computer I am using is really slow to upload the pictures, so we´ll see how many I can get out today, without being here all day... Yesterday we ate lunch with the Buron family and they informed me that there is a WALMART in the area! We will find it! I got really excited. More excited that Walmart deserves I think... :)

Because some have asked, It´s still hot and still humid. It´s the humidity that kills. I am always sticky, even fresh out of the shower. However I heard in December and January it was pretty much unbearable, so luckily I got here for feb! My companion is doing good. She is very Chilena. Her accent, the words she uses, everything. And she doesn´t speak a word of english, (ok she only knows how to say goodnight and hi). haha. I am definitely learning a lot from her. I feel like I just started the mission, but when I am with her, (which is always) she reminds me that it´s been awhile, as she just started the mission 1 transfer ago haha. It feels good being senior companion, but mostly just more responsibility. I feel like it´s more my responsibility that we work hard and do all we can do. It also means more stress at times. I love 2 Nephi 25:23, I think it is, that talks about doing all that we can. Anyways, I hope that answers the questions, if not, ask again! haha.

We started teaching a family this week that has lots of problems. It made me never want to have problems in my family EVER. The husband cheated on the wife, being the biggest problem. Luckily he is changing and wants an eternal family. They´ll get baptized sometime soon, I feel it coming. :) We are also working with Nicolas still. He is the 12 year old kid I think I mentioned before. He had a date for this coming Sunday, but we had to move it back a week because of complications with stake conference, so hopefully in 2 weeks he will get baptized.

Well, thanks for the pictures of Grandma´s wedding and Melina tearing it up at Steven´s pass. I think she might be able to outski me, and Katie too at the rate they´re going!
Word of advice in the powder: watch out for hidden stumps and always wear a helmet!
Alma 26:22 - repent!

Hermana Jones

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