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sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

This week was pretty normal but pretty good. We are working super hard and as a result I am dead tired. I feel like I am always tired. haha.

Melani got baptized on saturday and confirmed on Sunday. She is the 9 year old girl we found Sunday. The baptism was really nice. It was a pain to plan because we don´t have credit on our cell phone right now, so we had to make lots of phone calls from pay phones. We get credit once a month and we aren´t allowed to buy more credit than what the mission gives us each month. Anyways, all went well and now we are working lots with her brother as well and her mom. They are friends with a family in the ward, which helps a lot.

Other than that, we keep working and teaching and finding people. Hopefully we can find more people that want to get baptized soon! There´s this one lady that´s been going to church for like a year, but doesn´t want to get baptized yet. I think that wlil be a good goal for the next little bit!

Pdte. called me this morning and said he is in Ushuaia right now and that the two families we were teaching got baptized this weekend! He congratulated me and told me to keep working hard. That was nice of him to call.

I hope Grandma´s wedding went well! Congratulations Grandma!

Hermana Jones

HNA PAYNE, voy a mandarle un paquete, qué quiere?! estoy en capital ahora, entonces avíseme si hay algo específico! Todavía está en su segundo area? Cuantas compañeras ha tenido? Le quiero mucho!

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