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lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Abraham se bautizó!!! This was the craziest week ever! But, long story short, Abraham got baptized yesterday! I am trying to attach a picture right now... It´s not working. Anyways...

We had zone conference which was amazing. I loved it. Also, I got tons of mail. I got both packages mom, thanks a ton! Those weren´t as expensive as I expected. Thanks to Katie, Mom, Grandma Rowberry, Rebecca Peterson, Aubrey, Jessica, Kasey, Weights, and Madison Thompson! Most the letters I got were written in July and sent, so I´m sure if others sent me mail after that, in August or september, they´re on their way! But, thanks to all for the letters! I will write back soon!

So, this week was crazy trying to teach Abraham everyday so he was ready. We had to teach him everything in a week. So, the baptism was supposed to be saturday. We went to the chapel at 8 am to start filling the font for the baptism at 11. We started the water and went back to check it every 15 or so minutes. around 10:30 we went to check it and the water was dark brown/black! There was no more clean water!!! We were like NO!!!!!! Just then everyone started showing up. What we ended up having to do was reschedule the baptism for Sunday after stake conference in the stake center. That is the building of our zone leaders, and they had a baptism already planned, so we turned it into a stake baptism. It was awesome. The look on Abraham´s face after his baptism was priceless. After we went to a family´s house in the ward Villa Ballester (zone leaders ward) for lunch. It was delicious. Good day.

All weekend I had the most gigantic headache ever. Luckily it´s gone today, but it was not fun. However, last week I fixed our water heater, turns out the pilot was just out, so showers are nice and hot now. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!!!! I hope you got my card! I sent it last monday.

Today, we went to the beach. The weather is great. Today is the last day of winter! It´s very humid and around 70 degrees I would guess. Perfect. I heard summer is miserably hot! Wooohoo! :)

Well, all is great here! We have another baptismal date for October 3rd, and we are going to have to work really hard to get him to church the next couple weeks.

Thanks for all the support! Have a great week!
Hermana JONES!

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