Hermana Jones

Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

Yes this letter is worthy of a new title in the subject line. This week was awesome. It is a long story, but first the short version: we had 2 baptisms. We ate cow intestines, we had interviews and got mail.

First to explain interviews and mail. I love interviews with President and the training we have while waiting. He just makes you feel so good and he always tells me how confident he is in me. He told me he completely trusts me and said we are working hard and have good numbers. He said just keep working and the baptisms will come, well they came. That gives me lots of hope. We talked a lot in the training about why it´s so important to involve members and how to involve them more. Then, we got mail. Thanks Mom for the stickers and M&Ms they´re already gone :). Thanks David, Melinda, and Joel for the package I love it! You´ll notice I´m sporting the barette (sp?) in the second baptism we had this weekend. Also, thanks to Aubrey, Kasey, Vikki, Grandma Holland, and K-pal for the letters! I have written back and the letters are in the mail finally, sorry for delay! I sent letters responding to this transfers and last transfers letters. It sounds like everyone is doing great!

Second. Saturday we ate cow intestines for lunch. Yeah, that was not the tastiest thing I´ve ever tried. Luckily my companion did like it lots more than I did, so I was able to slip her a couple of the chunks... I´ll include a picture... me with the Hermanas. They´re from Peru. Usually that´s my favorite place to eat lunch, but for the second time in my whole mission, I had something I really didn´t like haha. The other time was steak that was super super red, in my first lunch in the mission.

Maria del Carmen Saavedra
Long stories. Well friday we had an appointment with Maria del Carmen who was to be baptized on saturday. She lost her cell phone and so we couldn´t get ahold of her. We were super worried because we hadn´t been able to talk to her all week. She showed up 20 min late, so we were sweating bullets. While we were waiting we were on the phone with a ward missionary (Anita Llerena) and she told us she would be praying for her. Then she showed up. We had a bunch of things that could have happened or fell through that would make it so she couldn´t get baptized, but it all turned out great! She got baptized Saturday afternoon. We had problems with the hot water heater and it took us an hour to get that working, but luckily we barely had the time to get the font full enough. We had to run and buy matches and light it by hand, because the pilot wasn´t working. Sunday she got confirmed.

Raquel Brizuela
This is the craziest story every, and I still can´t believe it myself. I still don´t know what happened, but here it goes.
Sunday (yesterday) we were at church, and all was well. The wife of a convert of about 1 year was there, which isn´t unusual. The unusual part was she actually talked to us instead of avoiding us. She before avoided us because she knows we wanted to baptize her. Well, we got to talking after the meetings and she asks us for the lunch schedule. I thought she was joking. She saw we didn´t have lunch yesterday and said hey just come over today for lunch. So, we walk over there after church. They live pretty close to the chapel. We eat and then we are talking to her while her husband is in the kitchen doing dishes. We get to talking and she tells us she is thinking about baptism and she accepts to get baptized July 2nd. You have to understand how insanely happy we were at this point. She has been investigating/going to church for years, and her husband has been a member for a year! Then we get to asking her, why she wants to wait til July. She had some excuses about vacations and kids things. So we said how about you just do it the 12th of June after stake conference. There is a temple trip scheduled for the end of June and we thought it´d be good if she could go do baptisms while her husband receives his endowments. She agrees! Then we ask her the baptismal questions and she answers all of them perfectly, except for question 4, which requires that she have an interview with Pres. Gulbrandsen for a past sin she committed. I call President he says just do the interview asap and let him know when it´ll be, maybe he´d interview her over the phone with the district leader. Then a thought pops in my head, asap, we could do the interview today. So we schedule the interview with the Elders for 6pm. We are leaving the house and meanwhile the hermano is talking on the phone to the bishop, super excited. While he´s on the phone I tell her, you know we could do the baptism today. She says yeah, today is better I don´t want it to be a big thing anyways, it´ll be better if there´s not a lot of people there. We were about dying at this point. As the hermano was talking to the bishop on the phone and telling him his wife gets baptized next sunday we correct him and say no, today after the interview and he was like oh no sorry bishop I mean today, what!?! You kind of had to be there, just know it was the best weekend of my mission. We leave and go back to the church, fill the font, the Elders come, she passes the interview, the bishop spreads the word, and the whole ward practically shows up. So much for not having a lot of people. It was such a spiritual service. The most I´ve ever felt the spirit in a baptismal service. I wish I had a video of the entire day, because I am almost positive it would sell. haha. Sorry that´s so long, but I´ll include pictures.

That was my week. Ricardo is sick right now, so he didn´t make it to church, but he still has a date for sunday, and he did go to the baptism. Keep him in your prayers, he just got a job where they want him to work 8-5 every single day, including sundays, we somehow have to help him with that. I think it will all turn out just great.

Hermana Jones

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