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domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

Well, this week was pretty good. Thanks for all the emails, I got a billion this week. Sounds like Nauvoo is pretty sweet! Things here are going well. Ezekiel is dying to get baptized, we just need to teach him and get him to church. Still working with Ricardo... He´s hiding something I think. Anyways, all is well. Things with the comp are going great. We get along well, so that´s always good! I´m loving Argentina and the work. We need to find new investigators. I hope that the trip keeps going well for the Jones/Rowberry family!

Raquel, the lady that just got baptized is going to the stake temple trip this week. They´re going to Montevideo. She already got her temple recommend and everything. I am so excited for her!
There´s another convert that´s name is Maria Elena. She got baptized end of last year. She is mexican and about 40 and she is in the hospital and going to pass away any moment. It´s kind of sad because she has no family here. I´m so grateful to have a knowledge about the plan of salvation! I hope everyone is doing well.
I am running out of things to say hahaaaa. Hopefully next week there´s more.

I can tell about my favorite personal study this week. I was studying in Alma 5 and I love the questions it asks. The chapter if you study it and reflect on your life, really makes you think. I´d encourage you to all read it!
Today we went shopping and saw the elders from Juncal. That was fun. We talked to a guy that talked portuguese. A little difficult to understand haha. Also it´s funny when you have random people yell out ¨Hola Elderes!¨ I´m glad the missionaries are getting famous at least haha.

Hermana Jones

PS apparently here they only consider there to be 5 continents instead of 7. Kind of interesting haha.

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