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lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Well this week went well. We are currently in Capital because Hna. Hill had to do her paper work to get legalized.
Yesterday we put a baptismal date with Susana a reference from a member that went to church and she will be baptized the 27th once she receives an answer. She needs a testimony of the Book of Mormon, so we will be working with her on that. Other than that she is golden.

So this week we did divisions again and I was with Hermana Alfaro again. In one morning (wednesday) we found 4 investigators and baptisms and they got baptized on saturday! Franco, Tatiana, Abigail, and Alex. Also we found Antonio who will be baptized super soon. I dont have a way to send pictures today unfortunately. It was a huge miracle. They had gone to church awhile ago, then moved, and lost contact with the church. Just have to keep on working!

Funny story
This week during studies on thursday morning right before weekly planning, we get a conference call from the zone leaders saying one of the two nuclear plants in our zone was in danger and we had to all get out of the zone and go to the mission offices ASAP. So, Hermana Hill and I frantically scambled to leave. I grabbed the brownies I had made that morning and we were out the door asap. We had called a taxi to take to the bus station which is in the zone leaders area and headed out. Just as we were getting to the bus station they called and said it was a false alarm, that they were just going to have an emergency simulation. That was an exciting/adrenaline pumping morning. I am happy and proud to say we were the first ones to get out and to the bus station out of the whole zone. :) Also to say no worries Mom, we are all safe. Also good to see that brownies are a priority for me in life... jk. I had already grabbed my scriptures, with pictures of the family, dont worry.

Well, I would like to thank everyone for all the love and support in the last year and a half. I am so grateful for the chance Ive had to serve others and learn and grow. I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. Is that this week? Is Katie going home for that? Hey, guess what I finally got the awesome scripture cases I ordered when I was in my first area today.

I love you all!!!!

Hasta ver!
Hermana Jones

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